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Friday look


I know someone, not really a friend, but an acquaintance I guess. She has two cats and a dog and a husband and a job. Whatever, irrelevant.

She told me once how her cats would go out the pet door and play during the day and when she returned home, she would do a ‘head count’. She would find them lined up in the lounge.

Head count went something like this.

‘Cat, cat, dog.’

2 cats and a dog

One day the head count went something a little different.

‘Cat, cat, cat, dog.’

Extra cat

What the?

Apparently, they had bought home a friend.

Reminds me of this……





Last week, I went to put something away in the linen cupboard, I stopped at the fridge in the kitchen spotting something in the laundry.

There was a black and white thing ‘eating Jamima’s food!’


“Hey!” and some other inappropriate words.

The back door was open and Jamima had obviously came back inside and clearly this ‘thing’ that feels our home is its second home, decided to come inside.

The ‘thing’ scrambled away.

I guess Jamima just lost her privileges to come and go from the backyard as she pleases.

It’s really ordinary feeling when you feel like you’re on the outside looking in or the inside looking out.

Looking outside

No one understands or seems to care to try to understand. They don’t seem to care that your being left out.

It’s cold and lonely out here and the sharpest uncaring comment has the power to lead me to tears.

It’s a really shitty place in a family to feel like the black sheep.

Black sheep

Now, to cry myself to sleep.



Today’s Lunch – 13th December 2017

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Todays lunch 1312

Today’s Lunch

Hot! Its hot today in Melbourne.
Luckily, I scored a seat in the back room in full blast range of the aircon. It only sucks a little when the back door gets opened and I’m overwhelmed by a blast of heat.

And something a little different today. Is Pizza! On a tummy fluffy base with buffalo mozzarella.
A bigger than normal side-salad and that little Sicilian cannoli is actually BREAKFAST! (No judgement please) had to get out when Young John could fit me in.





Planning to pick up Young Johns beautiful panettone today as his wife Young Betty (of course) will be at Chiro later and can take it home so it doesn’t melt. Gabriella even thought to mention I might reconsider taking it today so it doesn’t melt, I buy one panettone here each year and I gift it to Young John and his wife. They are so important to me and the panettone so pretty.


Ironically, I didn’t eat panettone as a kid. Mum recently informed me when we visited my Nona & Nonno, it always appeared dry and unloved so we always avoided it. Now, I buy about 4 cheap supermarket ones every year for my baking!

Guess I should point out the pizza’s here are like what I had in Italy way back in 1994! Really thick base, made in a huge tray. Simple toppings and very, very tasty.

Italian Pizza 1

And you only need a slice.

Here are some photos for you. Before I leave and brave the heat.

Hot outside


Hot off the Press – 11th December 2017

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Hot off the Press 1112

Hot off the Press

Monday! The worst sleep ever! Decided to skip the DAC meeting, went to Osteo where I learnt the term “Firm but fair,” from the VU (Victorian University) lecturer Sue.

Was scooped up by my CM and taken home. Brief visit to supermarket where I always get looked at like I’m some child-molester because I’m with some much-younger guy. (Are people not aware I’m always with some much younger gay guy? At this rate, I won’t make it to midnight. Just so tired.

Young gay guys

Tuesday, three appointments today. First were two fillings at the dentist which I bare-knuckled to avoid the injections. Didn’t manage to avoid getting a blue plastic drop sheet shoved over an offending tooth with a plastic ring over it which almost drowned me! (Seriously! Gotta be a better way?) it was all to make sure my filling could dry properly. Maybe I had too much saliva due to anxiety?


Next! Got stabbed by someone different, since my Dr Stanley was away. Last appointment was with my B-Team beautician. She does my waxing (calm down, just underarms) and lives a very short walk from home. She has a day-job and does waxing from home in her after hours. Even got a visit with Wilbur today!


Between all of my appointments I was able to return home for some chores, or I arrived early and used my time to make calls. It just never stops.

Phone call

Wednesday! Seemingly a much more relaxed day today. Had a bit of a migraine as I headed to lunch and Chiro. Some of my more sociable plans went sideways, however made it home in one piece. Chiro reports still putting my ribs out! Made it home to do some admin and catch up on some TV.


Thursday, had a bit more of a cruise-day. Not had enough social/down-time. So, a great change lunch at a very local hipster cafe. Had some delicious calamari ‘thing’ with some delicious lettuce and green apple salad with aioli. (Note absence of Photo….Sorry. Missed breakfast Sorry I forgot, I was starving!) Medicine and dessert, a lovely chocolate ‘thing’ with vanilla and coconut ice cream.











Aunty Christine stopped by for a coffee before turning to show them both my new home! They both said their favourite room was my study! Reminder: Bookcases, desk, Vogue Livings… Oh, and possibly the best news out of Australia, for the day? Same sex marriage is finally legal! I can’t believe I might actually get to be a bridesmaid after all? I know more than my fair share of gay men! (Kidding about the bridesmaid’s part) but you know, we got there!


Friday, is it really here? Just gotta get through today and I’m off-grid. Still negotiating my afternoon carer for shopping and home are around midday! Had to swap the shift to a different service provider and I got a head start with my morning carer. Got shafted again! On My podiatry appointment, ended up solving the problem myself and booked a very basic service with my beautician. Costs slightly more but so much more flexibility and don’t get stuffed around with schedules.

Beautician 1

Got stuck in the local German supermarket. Trapped is the word I used to my carer. You know, you get in that middle section, Christmas cakes right next to weird fish things, do you know the one I mean? It’s very local to where I now live and I’ve barely ventured there.

Christmas cake

Received a barrage of calls just before 5pm for stuff that needed to be organised by then! I just love when people manage their day avoiding work! And I’m still trying to get my scooter shed put up!
And it is the one in a hundred times I didn’t save a useful phone number in my phone. I don’t know how I could possibly get more into the day. I’m finishing my admin after midnight! Next!

Saturday went a little differently this weekend. Was invited out to a re Italy. (You know I saw a band called Snog a month ago, so recital is rather foreign) the night saw me being collected around 5.30pm, driven to the Melbourne Recital Centre

Saw the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra Brandenburg Choir and it was beautiful! It was the Noel. Noel Christmas Event. And confess I heard the best version of the 12 days of Christmas ever or is it 7?? Rather than the standard version mentioning doves and such. His version included a scented candle smelling like cheese! Vouchers, a T-shirt with his face on it and a soap from Target he would never use, very humorous!

Had a small bite to eat beforehand and had a short walk to the car choosing to keep my host co pony on the walk rather than her walk alone. delivered to my door by 10pm.

Confess, I was rather underdressed for the putting as I don’t have a wardrobe for such adventures, but from the photo. I did my very best in my Tux T-shirt. It’s the best I could do.

Helen & Ro

Followed by a crappy night’s sleep (no idea why), Sunday included a short visit from my sister to collect plastic tubs my plants were relocated in a month ago and we exchanged Christmas presents as we won’t see each other before then. Made a conscious effort to clear my couch and the dining table. Still!

Crappy sleep 1

Ready for another big week! Sliding into Christmas. I’m not ready!

New week


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Jealous 2


Crazy day today well, okay, yesterday officially. I still run on a Nightclub clock. It’s not the next day until you have had sleep. Even if the sun has come up. Technically it’s after 1am on Friday morning, but anyway.


Yesterday I had a Carer, it was a day I don’t normally get one, but I had more stuff to do. The fourth day in row and the last three with a migraine. The kind to make me really seedy, but not cripple me enough to keep me from going to the things I’d prefer to be left out of.

My Carer today, one of my regulars didn’t turn up until 11am. I’d gotten up earlier, put on a load of washing and gone back to bed. My Carer apparently wake at 6.30am and lay in bed considering the possible excuses to not get up and go to work.

Getting out of bed

Then she remembered she had me, so she got up. By the time she got to me, she had already given six others a shower. While helping me to dry and dress, she made another confession. When she pulled up outside, she noticed the blinds on the windows here, still down. Her first thought was;

Getting out of bed 1

“That fucking bitch is still in bed!”

I cannot tell you how much I laughed.

Laughing girls

She laughed too, just so you know.

It’s rough when they have all the things you don’t and yet the simplest things can make them envious.


Today’s Lunch – 6th December 2017

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Todays Lunch 0612

Today’s Lunch

So! Another crazy day!

Let’s do a stocktake for something different? Who is ready for Christmas? Who has all their gifts? Done their baking? Sent all the parcels to other countries or States to get there in time for Christmas?
Mmmm, not I! Shame!

Christmas stocktake

Lunch today is the Mediterranean quiche with side salad.
Medicine with chocolate mignon. (just saying how hard it is to do food-stylist one-handed?)











I really was never to be a Visual Merchandiser after all. It is what I studied not what I wanted to study.

Visual Merch 1
And done!


Hot off the Press – 4th December 2017

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Hot off the Press 0412

Hot off the Press

Putting out to the Universe to give me a calmer week! Moving and having a cold can really take it out of me when half of my body is not on-board with the other half.

Monday, had a nice day at home with my Friday carer. Got to put more stuff where it belongs and need extra hands. Introduced her to vacuum seal bags! I always sell them with “You will love it!” And then they do. I have clothes I want to sell and winter things I want to store over summer and I need the space more than ever.


Tuesday, start with a much-deserved massage with the lovely Caroline. She was very impressed by how my new home me has evolved. She was here Day 1, when she, Mum and I bought all my prints, and my clothes on hangers. So, she really was impressed. She set up her massage table in my study. Have I mentioned my bedroom is so small and my bed so big, I can’t close my bedroom door! Apartment living! Winning!


Anyway, where was I? Got to have lunch with Caroline today. Here is what I had, Quiche with Mediterranean, with a side-salad and medicine. Then off to see my GP. Like to imagine you saw my Wednesday Good mental health foodie post? Standard Punchy/stubby day………..still hot. Otherwise, a long day.











Learn late my Thursday/Friday carer was sick. Couldn’t help myself as I replied with a “FARK!” At least they replaced her and even though my case manager didn’t turn up to help get things moving with my new NDIS funding. Starting to seriously need shoes and I’ve been wearing the ones I have every day for 4 years? That’s not right, is it? (It’s not like I can just get them in any shop anymore…..)


Friday, now I should prime this by saying. Melbourne is known for 4 seasons in one day. Weather-wise. Summer had come early after a cold but rather dry winter and we have been warned we are about to have 4 wet days, that will cause flash-flooding. In fact, all the rain due in summer will be coming in the next 4 days. So, kinda happy I live in an apartment on the 2nd floor. Right?


This is the drain on my balcony……remember I’m on the second floor?
No, I’m not sinking, but I prompted my property manager that the Body Corp may have neglected something. Perhaps the storm-drains? Meanwhile, a water feature on my balcony!
I’ve never lived in something so new, (under 5 years old) as an adult at least. I normally prefer an old terrace house or such, but here we are.

Cooler and wetter on the off-grid weekend. Serious catch-up on TV, have neglected my comics lately but have been busy, thanks for nobody mentioning it!

Sunday ends with me exclaiming “I’m unpacking the last box,”
Leaving you with pictures of the study. Including my collection of the heavy Vogue Living. 25+ years ………..

Bookcase 1

Bookcase 2









And these are my Christmas Lillie’s which are to come out at Christmas! So, I guess Christmas came early?


To another crazy week to come!

Have a good week

Good News/Bad News

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Good news Bad news

Good News/Bad News

Last week (early October 2016) I received some good news. I made the decision not to splash it all over Social Media, thinking it would be poor-form.

I told only those I see in person and my Carers. I delivered the news by saying;

“I’ve got some good news and some bad news!”


Of course, everyone wanted to know what the bad news is.

A week ago, I didn’t know what the bad news was, I explained I didn’t know yet!

But, wait! Impatient!

The good news is that I got approved for the NDIS. Yeah! Balloons! Celebrations. A Carer and a shower every day of the week and even on weekends.


And they will be paid for.

That alone, I could be $60 better off every month. Then I started thinking about all the other things I would no longer have to pay and that I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.


I didn’t dare calculate how quickly I could pay off my Visa. But roughly, I thought I would not need to keep paying my shrink (officially a Psychologist) or my chiropractor, who I could now actually pay then what they are worth, not what I’ve only been able to afford to pay.

I also wanted to have it cover my beautician costs. God knows, due to steroids for brain swelling, I’ve paid $6,000 for electrolysis to my face. It’s about time someone else paid for it.

I mean, I can’t be a single straight barren celibate spinster with a beard.

Bearded Lady

I do like to imagine I might still meet the man of my dreams one day. It’s OK if he has facial hair.

I don’t need it…


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