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Heard some BS last week, that made my blood boil. So, I guess you should realise initially it was about Public Houses, seriously can’t wait until housing is no longer an issue for me. Can someone tell me when that will be? I’ll put it in my diary.

Blod boil

What’s that? Previously mentioned, I can’t afford to live past 65 years old, so I guess when I get put in the ground, I’m getting cremated, so forget about it.

Cant afford to live

After a brief interlude back to my issue at hand. Heard a story last week about a family who came to Australia way back when, they were given Public Housing in Fitzroy and when the parents made their ‘millions’ (this is how it was quoted to me) they moved out to the suburbs and left their kids behind in the housing provided for them by the government, all so the kids could easily commute to University.

Public housing

Um? Did I mention I left home at 19 years old, so I could go to College? Because home was 3.5 klms away in the country. Perhaps I should have applied for Public Housing as I didn’t get rent assistance back then and I studied full time and had a casual job after College and at Christmas time I’d transfer my casual job back home, just so I could pick up the seasonal work on a Blueberry farm. Also, I would get up at 5am to get ready to travel thirty minutes to start work at 6am, work until 4pm get home in time to shower, inhale some food and to my ‘other’ job by 5pm until 9pm.


Some Christmas break, right?

So, yeah, I really don’t want to be in some high-rise in Fitzroy. I also don’t want to be in a constant state of hyperventilation either. I just can’t breathe.

High rise living



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111 Mansfield St


Oh, that was pretty terse right? Just wondering as I’m contemplating having to move again after four years at 1/111, I know, seriously. When I moved here it was obviously destined that my life should be all about me. Living by myself.

Living Alone

Not prioritising anything of myself or my money to another, but not my point today. If I move, how long do I need to wait before I start blasting out my tunes at a level to piss off my neighbours?

Loud Music

I mean, I have the doors and windows open as I love fresh air and music always makes me happy and motivates me and it’s probably not great that my neighbours have a baby, but they deserve no remorse as they think it’s acceptable to use their washer and dryer overnight and when it’s 40 degrees outside and they have the mistaken belief that they are hippies. WFT!


But seriously, I don’t play my music loud enough to tear paint off the walls, but I generally play some loud music within a week of moving, so my new neighbours aren’t lulled into a false sense of security.

Fasle sense of security

When I moved here, I heard some KLF from the back unit, only the once, sadly but still they didn’t play any Bitchy Sneers! (you heard me) or Mariah Carey, so we were all good. They had a DJ Club set up though so, it was any wonder after I moved in. They are not music people so I told them I would ‘TRY HARDER’.


Oh, what’s that you wanted to know, what I’m listening to? OK, you may not recognise any of these but, a little VNV Nation, Covenent, Apoptygma Beserk and some The Knife. Oh, don’t forget Nine Inch Nails and some Assemblage 23.

Assemblage 23

Oh, lastly whoever took my Apoptygma Beserk T-shirt with ¾ length sleeves with the red body and black sleeves, I WANT IT BACK.

Apoptygma Berserk

You know who you are!

You know

Today’s Lunch – 18th April 2018

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Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Short and sweet today as I’ve had a migraine off and on since Sunday. It’s now Wednesday! Looking forward to seeing my chiropractor!


On the upside; saw a woman with a full head of Foils go check her parking meter! That always cheers me. Because, I must have now made 15 calls to have my 6-week-old front loader washing machine be fixed! So grumpy about this!

BS meter

Today’s offering is a quiche with a side salad. I don’t know what kind I asked to be surprised
and because I’m due a complimentary medicine. Today it comes with a little chocolate mignon. (That is fancy profiterole with a creamy custard)

Quiche 1Latte 1











Have a nice day


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Racism 1


Years ago, I worked in a Northern Suburb called Preston, back then it was a few years after 9-11. I like to visit Preston, the market, shops etc. But I don’t really want to live there and I worked there for about four years.

PrestonMarket 01

On a Friday after work, I was on the train heading home, the train carriage was not very full and I was tired after a typical busy week. There were the standard array of passengers heading home from work, maybe heading to the Friday night football or to meet up with friends for drinks or had started drinks already.

Crowded train

In front of me, sitting opposite me was a young woman shrouded completely in black, she was wearing a Burka, by some referred to as the “Letter Box” where you can only see their eyes.


I know ‘wrong’ again, but I didn’t make it up and by putting it in context, image you will appreciate me using it just this once. So off we went to the city. A young man (note no use of words like ‘Gentleman’) stood and started to verbally abuse the young Muslim woman. I don’t recall what he was saying exactly, but it was repulsive. He was suggesting she take off her Burka and hated words in Australia, that she go back where she came from.

Angry young man

Oh, so I did recall. Bit hard to forget.

The young woman shrank into her seat, nervous eyes darting around the train carriage. I moved my bag from the seat beside me to my lap and I patted the now spare seat and invited her to move over next to me.

I gently touched her leg with the back of the hand and told her the best thing to do was to face him. She didn’t want to, so she kept her back to him and I told her to not react to him. Although, it’s not what I did admittedly.

Speak up

First, I simply tried to educate and reason with him. I asked him where his parents had come from because he looked like he was more Italian than I am. I told him my father was from Italy, but I’d been born and raised here.


I attempted to enlighten him that every new culture that came to Australia, enriched us with their foods and styles. Now, you know, he argued and debated back with me and maybe I had not expected that, but the temperature in the train carriage changed and I had really had enough anyway. He was beyond my help. A guy was sitting facing me on the other side of the isle. He wore black slacks and a white shirt. He looked to be a Security guard, but slim build, presumably off to work in the city. His left hand dropped down to his side, dangling into the isle. His fingers twitched in a shaking negative motion. Without looking at him, I inclined my head a little and blinked my eyes, I just subtly let him know I understood. I confess to say when I ‘growl’ people learn not to mess with me.

Taking control

So, I growled!

“Enough” I told him. I told him to sit down, he immediately made a move to sit opposite me in the seat the woman had vacated. Seeing this was his plan, I growled again, ‘NO’ and pointing sternly, I told him to “Sit there” and indicated the seat he had been in earlier and so there was no doubt, I told him to face the other way. We did not need him facing us.

I think there was a moment where the whole of the occupants of that carriage shared a ‘sigh’ and I’m sure we were all relieved, we all think shit like this happens elsewhere.

I don’t know if I hadn’t spoken up, if someone else would have, I want to imagine ‘Yes’, but you never know until you are in that situation.

Another moment went by and we were closer to my home suburb and still a few suburbs from the city. Most smaller stations are unmanned day and night. I wondered what would happen to my passenger, when I got off and hoped that she would still be safe. I politely asked her if she was going to the city and did she have friends to meet her?

She said yes to both queries. I suggested she text her friends to meet her on the platform. The whole time she has spoken to me, it was a soft voice that only I could hear. She was polite, calm and neatly presented. She didn’t have an unpleasant odour, I hope you hear me when I’ve expressed my opinions about Muslims and Terrorists and none of this should impress or surprise people, however my part is.

Despite my disability and what others would perceive as a weakness, in a similar situation I would not be intimidated or fail to come to the aid of someone if I felt they were being unfairly persecuted and I would like to hope others would come to my aid if I needed it.

Not intimidated

Then that leads me to the end of my topic, for now about my exposure to Muslims and Terrorists.

Wrong (A popular topic)

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Wrong (a popular topic)

I have a new young Muslim carer, she is a sweet young thing, all of 21 years old. But the point is, I shared this next post with her verbally and suggested it might translate as Racist and offend people. She laughed and her whole face was animated. So, if you bear with me, or think by the end of this post you think I’m more than a bit ‘wrong’ hang in there for the next post. It will more than make up for it.

Offending people

Some years ago, the ladies in my family (mum, older sister and myself) visited my younger sister in Wagga Wagga in NSW, for her graduation and end of year exhibition.

Now, unbeknownst to some people, even in Australia, different states have different road rules. In particular NSW has different rules than Victoria in regards to pedestrian crossings etc. The day after the event in Wagga Wagga, we gathered to go for lunch. A nice foody place in the main street in Wagga Wagga.

Road Rules

Mum and older sister J were chattering behind me as I strode ahead. I come to a pedestrian crossing (thick white lines), across a busy narrow street. I don’t know if the traffic would stop for me or I should wait. I sent a polite enquiry over my shoulder to my mum and J. J called back and said “it’s OK, we’ll be like the husband’s who said their Muslim wives out to walk in front to collect all the landmines.


Yes, it’s a bit wrong, probably more than a bit. But it was still a funny/gasp moment. And to be completely clear, I kept walking throwing the comment over my shoulder that the joke was on her as “no one has enough insurance to hit someone with a disability”. The only other Muslim woman I’ve shared this story with went deathly quiet and the other woman who was with us that day is a lady more at home in New York than in Melbourne.

Crossing road

So, hope you stuck with me here and the next post will be all the more sweeter.

Stick with me

Today’s Lunch – 11th April 2018

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Todays lunch 1104

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Another Wednesday dawns and much to share. Firstly, an apology for Monday’s post arriving a day later than normal. You might be aware I post Monday, Wednesday and Friday with an attention to promptness?

So, to explain. I’m sure you will understand my lovely Noelle my administrator who does all the magic to put my words live, mourns the passing of her mother. And she was put to rest Monday. While she lives in Sydney and I in Melbourne I finally got to meet her! Not the best of circumstances however after about six years of daily contact and a rare phone all. We actually got to meet! And yes, I made her try the prickly pear (it’s a very short season of which I bought only 12) Here is a picture of us.

Slumber party


Just a couple of kids

By the time I remembered to get a photo we were both in our jimmy jimmies (slumber party!) and very tired. Hence the above! No, it’s not us but I gave Noelle creative license to go crazy! Sadly, she was only here for one night! But I made sure to take her for coffee! Since MELBOURNE does have far superior coffee to Sydney!

Melbourne Coffee

But the excitement for the week was not yet over, what else could there be, I hear you ask? Monday early evening around 6.30pm, the fire alarm went off in the apartment block and we had to evacuate. Sounds a bit exciting right? Will Helens fantasy of being rescued from her second-floor balcony by a ‘hot’ fireman really happen? The block is six stories and there are lots of apartments and never an opportunity to meet anyone. Well, until there is an incident like this, after pulling on my cuff and collar, grabbing my bag and walking stick I left the building. In the lift, where it clearly states in case of fire avoid using the lift! (How else was I supposed to get out?) I later learnt there are two staircases I’m just hoping there is a handle on the right-hand side and in a serious potentially smoke-filled environment I don’t get pushed down the stairs? He sent fantasy? What! A girl can dream!

Fire Alarm

After standing around downstairs (wish I’d bought a jumper…..bbbbrrrrrr)  not one but two firetrucks came! People started heading back upstairs. I asked two firemen if it was ok to go back up? What had been the problem? He told me someone had been cooking bread rolls and they had caught on fire! And had it been me?

Fire truck

Hot fireman







How dare he! And on the lift ride back up having started a conversation with another tenant who provided me with some relief that this happens about once-yearly, she was going upstairs to find her cat who would likely be traumatised. One cat condo had appeared downstairs in the evacuation so seemingly good pet parenting there and if I had a cat I would have struggled to catch, shove in a cat condo and get it and myself outside, stairs aside! Again, fantasy prevails!

In the lift

In the lift, I noticed the only other people in the building I know. They swapped car spaces with me so I could access power for my scooter and they live two doors down from me, so have been initiated into my free food trade agreement. So, I asked him in the lift if he had been baking? Rightly he denied such action but there was a murmur of humour. I later messaged him apologising ‘bake-shaming’ him in public. He took it so well and that was just Monday, this is why I stopped writing my Monday Hot off the Press posts. They were while accurate, so busy.

Baking bread

Now, it’s Wednesday and with a grasp on calm today’s offering is another Ortolani quiche with a side salad. And my medicine.




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Sorry I’m late…



Here is my very simple rant on the topic of both Muslims and Terrorists and to follow a few witty stories.

It’s very simple, so I figure (and keeping in mind) I was raised a Catholic. Anglican mum, Catholic dad.

Muslims and Terrorists.
Muslims are Muslims,
Terrorists are Terrorists,
and I don’t like to presume one automatically means the other.

Muslims vs Terrorists

To be fair, I have one Muslim friend and we were friends while we did a course together, for a year or so, then life moves on and her life got busy and now we are only Facebook friends. When she hears my witty comments on her posts she tells me, she misses me.

Muslim friends

But here’s the funny part.

One day we were driving to another friend to meet for afternoon tea and I asked what her hair looks like? (she wears a scarf only), so her hair has never been visible, we did a deal.

Wearing a scarf

At the afternoon tea location, she would remove her scarf, if I would take out my hair. It’s become the norm to just wear a bun. Mostly since I was sixteen, with the exception of when I had NO HAIR.

Helens bun

The deal was struck.

Two things came out of this, as far as I could tell.

  1. When people don’t see your hair you really don’t care what condition it’s in and I suspect you can’t pamper yourself by going to a hairdresser to get it done. (I get mine done once a year and I’m overdue by months now) But more amusing.
  2. She told me, if I wore mine out I’d get a ……… wait for it…. A HUSBAND

Hair down

Does anyone else feel the irony?

Find husband

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