Not all Doom and Gloom

Published November 26, 2015 by helentastic67

Not all doom and gloom

I would like my blog to be something more than dark matter.

Doom and Gloom about disability, so as I had a life before I developed my diagnosis. Thirty plus years of normal life and a really good memory to draw from, so on a lighter note; here’s a little amusing story that I hope people appreciate.


In the very late 90’s I moved back to the country side with my mum and younger sister. I was there for 2 very long years. About once a week we make a trip to the country town I grew up in, about an hour away. Just outside town there is a sign on a gate to a property. The sign clearly states “Cattle!” Shut the Gate. We had many discussions that the cows must be ‘smart cows!’

Fast forward to about 4 years later and I was sitting at my desk, living in Melbourne working.

It wasn’t an extremely happy workplace as I was working for an NGO and had been there for about 3 years always applying for my job and being bullied by some colleagues who had no shame, collecting their pay, despite the fact they spent more time trying to get out of doing their jobs, than actually doing their jobs, which would have been easier.

So this particularly tense day in the office my phone pinged and I quickly glanced at my phone. The text message was from my younger sister. Four simple words that made me laugh so hare I couldn’t breathe and I had tears pouring from my eyes.

Clearly, not the best reaction in an open office, when two staff across the office want you gone and would not be at all thrilled to hear you enjoying “work”.

In front of me, about 4 metres away were my two admin. They both looked at me like I was a little peculiar.

One of the admin was a petite older woman with not a great deal of confidence. I smiled at her and beckoned her over with my finger.

I couldn’t just show her the text as it would have been completely out of context. But I couldn’t immediately tell her either as I was still laughing.

After a little while, I told her and with her British upbringing she patiently awaited the punch line.

The text plainly stated;-

“Smart Cows Got Out!”

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