Hell on Wheels/Life One Handed

Published November 27, 2015 by helentastic67

Hell on wheels

So, you have probably worked out my blog is not like all the other blog’s you have read and you could fairly presume so far it’s a little on the dark side.

So I think I’ll take the time now to explain the title of my blog.

“HELL ON WHEELS/Not my Best!” (changed it to Life One Handed)

To be clear, my blog has nothing to do with the super awesome AMC TV show called Hell on Wheels. Yes! I watch it! It makes my list and I’m happy to report I’m actually up to date.

So Hell on Wheels is a nickname a friend of my sisters gave me about 20 years ago. I don’t know why, but he is the only one who calls me that and I always kind of liked it. About 8 years ago, I developed a disability that “someone” in their intimate wisdom decide to sort me out with a Mobility Scooter. Some might call them a Rascal! I’ve always called mine ‘Hell on Wheels!’

I’m still working getting the “stickers” to go on the Red plastic. Hell yes! I got red! Red things go faster!

More on Rascal another time.

The other part of my title “Not my best!” is because over the last 6 or so years, I’ve been a monthly regular at some groups and I thought to provide “morning tea”.

No one asked me to, I just did it. It made me really happy and motivated me to do something challenging, considering I’m one-handed. I like to make muffins that have countless ingredients and the difficulty rating is high.

I often deliver my treats with an “it’s not my best!”

Even if sometimes my ‘NOT MY BEST” is better than most people’s best efforts.

I have had those days when I made a family classic from my childhood, the “American Lemon Cheesecake” and it’s been so long since I made it and any recipe had been altered just slightly and it didn’t set.

The place I took it where some people are so happy to see me/get my ‘treats’, they rush up to me chanting ‘Helen’s here! Helen’s here!’

A chefy-dude (my boo) works at this mysterious place and any disasters in the kitchen I share with him. The cheesecake I told him had not set and I really wanted it to have The Masterchef Treatment. Where you take the plate over to the rubbish bin and you just tip it up.

The flavour was there, the consistency was not. It’s been about 3 years and I’m due again.

So, I guess if you haven’t worked it out my blog is going to be about living with a disability.

Not ready to tell you how that happened. All the better for you to not jump to conclusions once I disclose that.

Rest assured my disability is NOT self-inflicted and there are those that judge that comment negatively because perhaps theirs was self-inflicted, but not how you might imagine.

I hope in time you might stick with me for some more whimsical “stuff” (content) and I might even sneak in some recipes and learn a little about what life was before my diagnosis and then my disability.

Please hang in there and bear with me. Help me achieve what I have set out to achieve.

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