Published December 10, 2015 by helentastic67

Salami 1


Or as I like to call it ‘Salamia’!

There are many words I like to pronounce incorrectly. Life should be fun that way…

Anyway, Salami is getting quite the bad rap these days. It causes cancer and shortens life.

I’m a big fan of Salami being a little bit wog!

Salami is a standard on a Saturday in my house and if I’m lucky another day during the week if I’m home…

No one is saying if the difference between eating Salami is a shorter life by say six months off my life every time I eat Salami?

I think you have worked out already I’m not giving up my Saturday meat that MUST HAVE SALAMI!

And we all die, right? And we will die regardless of if we eat processed meats. Might as well die well fed…

But if someone can do the maths for me.

Every time I eat Salami, do I lose 6 months or 5 years simply because I eat the stuff!

I’ve just worked out part of my income runs out at 60! Not 67, as previously thought!

But 60!

So, in order to maintain this wonderful frivolous existence I must promptly die at 60!

And then I’m also thinking; “That’s 17 more years of this bullshit existence!”

Better eat more Salami!


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