Hidden Disability

Published December 21, 2015 by helentastic67

Invisible disability 2

Hidden Disability

Seems to be the new ‘go to’ word/term for disability.

I had a technician come to my home last week to fix “something” and I was trying to explain to him I wasn’t a lazy cow for not being able to do my own tech support or not moving the 5 small things so he could more conveniently get to the issue he was there to attend to.

He seemed confused so I bluntly told him “you can’t tell, but I have a disability.” I basically gave him the cliff notes (short version) and told him what I’d lost. But around my home there are not many obvious signs that a person with a disability lives there and I compensate so well if you were to watch me you also wouldn’t realize how much I’ve lost…

But, so help me God! (In a non-religious way) every time I am out and about or in a taxi I will be asked: ‘What have you done to your arm?’

And it’s this big thing I have to explain. There’s advice. Advice from taxi drivers! Garlic and lemon pulp. Cure all!

Except, I’d be single forever even keeping the vampires away. Bah Humbug!

And you realize my disability is not hidden when people like to assume and judge me and imagine I did something to deserve this new existence.

I will revisit this topic because these days people see me out and about and they say to me “You look well put together!” And ignoring how old-lady that term is for now. When I’m out and about and have a smile on my face, people would imagine I’m always like that.

They don’t realize, I need a carer to help me in the morning so I can get out of the house…

They don’t realize every day I spend out of the house, out getting to appointments and doing “things” I spend the next day in bed…

They don’t realize I get out of bed and it takes about an hour for all the pins and needles to go from my good hand!

People just see my arm in the cuff and collar. They don’t realize there are secondary issues.

And the secondary issues on the secondary issues…

More of that later…


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