Life One Handed

Published December 29, 2015 by helentastic67

Invisible disability 3

For those that don’t know!

Sometimes, I’m going to issue a challenge to those who don’t have a physical disability.

Go to the supermarket and buy a BBQ Chicken. Take a home and one handed, take the meat off the carcass…

Yes, you can wait until it cools down. That is not the hard part!

Now wash your hand!

Without using your other hand.

Having a disability means to keep living and enjoying life, you have to learn to be adaptive…

One day my carer arrived on a Monday, I asked hr to do this task for me.

She responded with a cheerful – “Oh my funnest job ever!”

And we laughed…

Sometimes and this is how you learn, I eat certain foods with a food handling glove on. It makes for easier clean-up!

The BBQ Chicken, same scenario…


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