The Wise One

Published January 13, 2016 by helentastic67

The Wise One 1

I’m lucky I’m right handed and that’s the arm I’m left with. And that one now does a great deal. What people wouldn’t realize is that my right side does so much, it’s overworked and there are consequences to this. I get up in the morning and I have pins and needles in my good hand.

It’s very ordinary, because sometimes I get up and my hand is completely numb. I’ve been able to master still doing the things I need to do; go to the bathroom/make breakfast. When full circulation is restored my arm gets itchy.

When in public I’ve been known to ask someone who knows me to ‘please scratch my arm?’ And don’t stop unit you see blood….

They seem happy to assist until I mention blood…

Oh well!!!

Sometimes I find myself watching my cat. Cat logic is an interesting thing. Cats like to “scent” their home just like dogs do, but in different ways. I’ve noticed the places my cat likes to rub her face and I’ve discovered the edge of the kitchen pantry is just the right amount of sharpness, but not lethal to rub my arm. Often getting in a scratch in passing.

I have a friend, different original medical diagnosis, but we have ended up with similar physical deficiencies. I’ve stood talking to him in my lounge, scratching my arm on “something” an apologizing because it may have seemed I wasn’t paying attention.

He told me, not to worry, he had been so intent on scratching his own arm at home somewhere, he had managed to take a chunk out of plaster!


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