Published May 18, 2016 by helentastic67


Helens artworkPriorities!

So, these days I use a walking stick when I’m out of the house. There is a term for this. I am Ambulant!

And for those who are unfamiliar, I live in Melbourne Australia. Melbourne weather is known to be very erratic. I think crowded house was singing about Melbourne when they sang of ‘Four Seasons in one day!’

During the winter months, it helps to layer up with clothes because being Ambulant you really need to prioritise.

Walking stick or umbrella?

I sometimes after 8 years get a look of concern from the same people asking me if I have an umbrella.

Here is pretty easy, the answer is I GET WET…

The next one I think is pretty easy also.

Once a month I go to a committee meeting for a self-advocacy group I belong to. I cruise through Degreaves Street and pick up a coffee (medicine) to get me through the meetings.

So walking stick or Keep cup?


Without my ‘medicine’ I don’t make it through those meetings. I often get a migraine just walking through the door and with a room full of people with an assortment of Brain Injuries I generally want to blow my brains out, pretty quickly…


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