Published May 27, 2016 by helentastic67


North Melboure coloursABIAW

In Australia, were pretty organised in educating people about the dangers of causing one’s self injury.

Particularly when it comes to self-inflicted brain injuries or violence related Brain Injury.

Oh no! I used another acronym!

ABIAW stands for Acquired Brain Injury Awareness Week!

The first event I went to was about 5 or 6 years ago. The Service Provider hired a venue. The North Melbourne Football Club.

They arranged catering and a door prize. I won a North Melbourne Football Mug.

I do not do football – Grumpy face. And they invited some guest speakers and all of their clients and families (some anyway).

That day, rather than go up to people and say Hi!

Nice weather, I generally sought people out by asking what their ABI was…. I know sounds rude, but we all did it…

The only difference was I started by asking “so stroke” Partied hard and took too many drugs?”

Luckily they laughed and in turn asked me if I’d had a stroke, I then explain I’ve not had a stroke, it just looks that way…

I always decide ad hoc how much I bother to explain to people, because regardless of what I say, I know they are still thinking she partied too hard and took too many drugs…


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