Caring and Sharing

Published June 3, 2016 by helentastic67

Caring and sharing

Caring and sharing…

So, part of needing carers a huge problem is rostering.

Over the years I’ve dealt with many, many people who have done the rostering and my expectations have moved a great deal to cater to the irregularity and unexpectedness of when and who will turn up!

I need a lot of sleep and like most of us, I don’t get nearly enough, I often do my ‘best work’ late at night and struggle to wake up and engage my brain!

Don’t worry, I can answer the phone if it wakes me and snap right into ‘work’ mode! But I really do try to sleep up to my carer arrives and rings the doorbell.

Or at times the office rings me to tell me my carer is at the front door.

Today, I had requested a carer for 9 am, because I didn’t have an appointment out until 12.30 pm and it was local and I could scooter there.

Lots of the carers are away at the moment so I was looking forward to seeing someone I haven’t seen in maybe 6 months. I was told she would arrive at 8.45 am. I know, it sounds positively pedantic but if you don’t sleep until 2 am, every minute counts!

I wish this could be a more interactive experience right now so I could say;

“Who wants to guess what time she came?’ And more importantly “Who wants to guess what time her roster said?”

That’s right! 8.20 am!!!! WTF!

So, it’s any wonder after an eventful day I couldn’t make it past 8.30 pm without a ‘kip’ on the couch. Had an hour which helped me power through the rest of the night of dinner, emails and chores. And despite this my left eye hurts.

Pills, I think and off to bed!

2 comments on “Caring and Sharing

  • You know that thing about that early bird and that worm? Come early and I just might force feed it down your self-absorbed throat!!! Why do people revere folks who get places EARLY. I think it is rude and simply inexcusable.

    I can understand being late — things happen. But *early* is the one thing about appointments you can absolutely control! Sit on the steps, walk around the block, talk to the neighbors, take a cat nap — just do NOT ring that bell (or use your key) one second before I said I would/could be available.

    Perhaps you can tell that I feel the same way you do about sleep and folks who push boundaries EARLIER. My landlord’s maintenance people think that if I say “sleep disorder – not before noon” I really mean something like, “not too early, okay?”

    Venting – it’s Monday, Grumpy Monday — and still horribly hot!



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