Finding a Housemate

Published August 15, 2016 by helentastic67


Finding a Housemate

So, finding a housemate is crap at the best of times. I wish I’d counted how many people I’d do the song and dance for to present myself as a normal person, just so I could find a responsible adult to share the rent and expenses.

I just found this description of someone I had look through that 1st house. Because sometimes it’s now you re call people not by name of how they look.


Here goes;

“Horror/Action/Gemini/Butcher/Maids outfit while cleaning/Cross dresser/Porn!

Also think this was a guy who said he would be happy to be my Carer. (help me after a shower etc)

To be clear that was never going to happen!

I don’t require my housemate to help me EVER that requires them to see me naked! Boundaries people.

Briefly, I had a woman move in who told me one thing and did another.

Then had a tall Frenchman move in who stayed a year. He paid the rent and worked away at times giving the place to myself – Bliss!

He was not, I repeat, NOT my favourite ever housemate. He wasn’t my least favourite either. But he wasn’t my favourite and I now try hard not to judge other French tourists and such by my year or so co-habituating with him.

Some woman would ask “Oh, French, so sexy!”

To which I would reply “Um?, No!” Bon!


Then I had to move and find a new housemate!

Moving is annoying at the best of times!


Moving with a disability is a pain in the ASS!!!


6 comments on “Finding a Housemate

  • Ha! that made me laugh. At first I thought it was your ad 😮
    I once had lots of flat mates whilst living in Germany – one young woman who worked full time, with whom I became friends with, and the others were students that came and went, for the other two rooms. They were quite dirty people, but the rent was cheap and my room was huge. I’d clean the one bathroom (the one I used), although I wore flip flops in the shower in case! But, the kitchen was filthy. I never cooked in it. The dirty plates and pans stacked high in the sink – Leaning Tower of Plates! – and the fridge, I never dare look inside. Instead, I had my own private fridge and kettle in my room. I ate take-aways or my lovely Phillipine friend cooked for me 😀 I wasn’t in poor health then.

    Good luck Helen! 🙂 xo

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  • I appreciate the comment. I’ve been in the habit of leasing a house to make my home for about 15 years now. Then advertising for a housemate. I do like when you can be ‘friends’with your housemate but it’s rare. As one gets older living with people who are less committed or more transient becomes harder to deal with. I own everything in my home and often housemates don’t respect that it’s a privlidge to be able to use those things. But often jealousy is the emotion that prevails. People don’t know why I have the things I own. It doesn’t occur to them I prioritised those creature comforts. I’m neither wealthy or live in a palace but when I need something to make life easier I buy it.

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  • MOVING? That is the worst thing ever for me – completely tosses my salad. I haven’t tried to find a roomie in years, but I recall the process and though, for the most part I was lucky, it is not anything I look forward to having to repeat either.

    One of my ex-roommates, a smoker, seemed never to have heard of the concept of ashtrays – cigarette butts all over the floor of his room on move-out. He was also a bit of a bull in a china shop, so things got broken. MY things. And sharing a bathroom or a kitchen is not something I care to repeat EVER! I hope I never have to.

    Courage Camille, as they say in the theatre.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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