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Some people have great advice for me on what I can and should be able to do. I appreciate they’ve given it some thought. However, their advice is based on them NOT HAVING TO DO IT ONE HANDED!

Wonder if I made my point? Wonder if anyone’s still reading this post? It’s hard to tell.

Last night, Easter Sunday my neighbour bought me down some cake (Yum) and 6 prawns. (I don’t get it) We have a thing. I introduce her to foody goodness and she brings me treats, soups, I have given to neighbours and friends over the years in the hopes that it will express to people who I am and what I’m about. I finally have a neighbour who thinks to return the favour. Love her!

Anyway, the prawns, I know she meant well and I realise it didn’t occur to her I’d struggle to take the shells off. I wasn’t thinking of Megi (yes that’s her name – love her) so the prawns I gave it a go. But after all the effort I had a nibble and understood this rubbery concept even less. And then I gave them to the cat! No one can say she isn’t looked after.

Here are some pictures, before and after.

Whole Prawnsattempt prawnsfinal result









I do like a good challenge.

Jamima and prawns



4 comments on “Advise

  • If the prawns were rubbery, they were overcooked. Kitty certainly looks happy, though.. 🙂

    When I was in college, I took a course on how disability impacts a person. One of the first things that happens is that friends (who still function as the world expects them to( come around less and less. When I was too impaired to continue working at gainful employment, I learned first-hand what that means. The way your friends used to talk to you is more like the way they talk to a child, and then you’re alone behind an invisible barrier.

    When they do come to visit, it’s like the lady who brought you prawns. It’s hard for them to step out of what they consider “normal” and think about what would be normal for you.

    It’s sort of like this: Do you remember the movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks? All he has available to eat for 4 years is seafood. During his welcome home party they throw a spare-no-expense go all-out for him extravaganza and what do they serve? Seafood.

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  • Poor Tom Hanks. I concur! And I do seem so competent. The difficulty rating of some of the things I make & share is very high. Kitty never had it so good. I’ll do introductions to Jamima (Patch the Pirate Cat) Puddleduck very soon……..

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  • Lucky Jamima! Lol. (By the way, she’s a very pretty cat).

    I notice this lacking, of trying to realise how someone with different abilities has to tackle tasks. Some assume they know! And, you’re told so. Even told off at times, like you’re a naughty small child. I’m in awe how you cut up your veg with that vegi cutting thing. And, yes, we seem so competent at times (because we have to be – we’re still adults!), that some don’t realise just how difficult it is for us. More empathy and knowledge required by the able-bodied since we are still part of the community.

    On another note…your neighbour, Megi, sounds like a sweet lady. And, you do too 🙂

    Faith oxo

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  • Thanking you so very very much. Yes, Megi is blessed with a birthmark on her face, so I think allows her to be much more understanding of how people see me and how they react. She has a very strong family ethic and being older and wiser she has a different mindset. Or so I imagine. I have 5 neighbours in all around me and she’s the best one. Terrible odds yet blessed.

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