Fridays Are The Best

Published October 24, 2016 by helentastic67


Fridays Are the Best!

I confess to say I don’t work! I prefer to say I’m retired, however the image that conjures is wealth and comfort and holidays. That’s the complete opposite of my version of retirement.

But my confession is not about that it is that despite not being able to work right now, I really enjoy and look forward to Fridays! No, really!

Friday for me means everything that needed to be done, was done. And on Fridays I go shopping with my Carer, young Janus.


I park a CD or MP3 player and despite it being a short drive to the local shopping complex, we rock out to some tunes! On one occasion another Carer (51) took me shopping. I parked a CD however her son had given her a CD so we listened to Eminem instead. At one point we stopped at a busy crossroad for traffic and she was compelled to turn it down. It was funny, I was laughing so hard I was in tears. I commented to her about Eminem (every other word was the F*Bomb!) I mean why is Eminem having such a hard time in life?” (It’s rhetorical BTW)

Another time recently, one of my other regular Carers (55, whom I’d seen previous 3 days already) took me shopping. I mentioned a CD and she shot me down! I just gave it to her “You’re boring!”

I joked, she was going on the ‘Blocked list’ for shopping! So, that added bonus to Friday is listening to music when I’m out encourages me to come home and put on more music.

And to say music is my best motivator is a vast understatement.

Since returning from shopping, I’ve re-potted a plant/reorganised some cook books, painted the 1st coat of a tray I bought over a year ago (shuddup! It’s been a process) and I’ve already got a head start on tonight’s ‘admin!’

The sure sign that my week is over is when I’m sitting on the couch with my daily coffee and my Friday treat! Which is a Custard Scroll.










Preferable, I’ve even had my lunch way before 5.30pm. It’s rare, but has been known to happen.

By the end of tonight, I do my admin and put my diary aside until Sunday night!

Saturday’s, I go off-grid! No emails! No Facebook! No diary! No appointments!

Sunday’s I try to pull the weekend back together, to do ‘all-the-things I’ve not done and then Monday it all starts again!

The end.


3 comments on “Fridays Are The Best

  • Young people are great, I wouldn’t mind one as a carer – John is supposed to be my carer, but he can be days late with a coffee or tea (I’ve a problem with the stairs). That custard scroll looks yummy, I like custard pies. 🎵 🎶 🍪 🍫 🌴 🐻

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    • Most of my carers are in their 50’s. They are all lovely. Have lived life and have some perspective. My sweet young Janus is my only male Carer. He doesn’t see me naked thankfully and he’s a sweetheart. And often mistaken as my son, and my Toy Boy. Like I want the challenge of turning a gay man 20 years younger than me? Never going to happen! Crack that whip on John!

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      • I’m glad you’ve got nice carers – everyone at every age has something to offer. Yes, the School of Life, perspective. 🙂
        I like the dreams of younger people – that they’re not so battered and broken by life, that their lives are ahead of them, wth many possible routes…
        Janus sounds lovely. It is funny what strangers assume… 😮
        I’m still waiting for my coffee… I’ve got to messaging him on Facebook, from the next room! Maybe it’s time to install a kettle in my room? :/


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