Handy Hint No. 1

Published November 7, 2016 by helentastic67


Handy Hint No. 1

If you ever have to go to emergency in a hurry, always take your mobile phone charger!


Dealing with hospitals such at the best of times, but unexpected visits and stays can drag out and if your phone dies, you are screwed!

Try accessing your contact on your mobile!


Giving out your room phone number and people just keep calling you back on your mobile!

Case in point – PEOPLE DON’T LISTEN!


I once had to consider giving up my Gluten-Free ice cream to a young doctor who was only prepared to loan me his charger if I bartered my ice cream.


I’m not Gluten-Free, but that ice cream and having a saline drip is the only good thing about being in hospital. The saline drip flushes your kidneys and liver and is like having a facial.


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