Published November 21, 2016 by helentastic67

Lack of motivation


Plenty to write about at the moment, just lacking the motivation to do so. Sometimes, the living life and dealing with idiots gets to me. There’s the daily carers on those days I aim to be presentable to get out of the house, the call to keep those things ticking over! The constant negotiations to keep even those things to happen. And hoping and praying that at the end of the month, I have the money to pay the rent on time! I like to pay things on or before the due date. I don’t like having to rely on others to do more than I need them to, so I’m disappointed or let down.


Right now, I’m mentally preparing for my 2nd appeal for my Pension and the debt. I’m hoping I can appeal to their humanity (I know, I’m crazy) because no matter how it goes on the day, if it’s a positive outcome, my mum will claim victory and if it’s a negative outcome, my mum will interrogate me as to what I said and that it was somehow pivotal to their decision.


I hope what I say expressed to them how their decision will impact if I have to move (AGAIN) if I will need to live further from my comfort zone, in a less safe area! Further from the services I rely on and even if I can afford to buy the 2 new pairs of pants I wear all year round, but time getting new ones, just in time for winter when I need the added warmth more. Two new pairs cost less than $100.00 and I’m struggling with the concept that this is not the world I want to live in!


But I can’t afford to survive or live anywhere else!

My hand is numb! Stopping now!





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