Dumb Things………….. (People Say)

Published December 2, 2016 by helentastic67


Dumb Things…….. (People say)

It often saddens me the things people say when you are having a rough time of life. I caught up with a club friend from years ago when I had NO HAIR from radiation. Considering I used to have hair down to my ass, the change from that to a No. 1 buzz cut was pretty significant.











His response was that “he felt he had some decent friends at this point in his life, he could rely on if he needed help.”


What do you say to that?


I have never presumed I could call on him if I needed anything and it’s ok, because that friend hopefully will never need learn how few of those friends will actually be there should shit ever really hits the fan. Not many.
Seriously, the stupid/senseless things people have said to me since my diagnosis, I could write a book!



One comment on “Dumb Things………….. (People Say)

  • Lol Helen. I agree that most people don’t really know what to say to someone who is going though hardships… 😐

    But if I had run into you, I probably would have just complimented you on your nicely cone-shaped head. Not all heads are that geometrically blessed, you know. 😉

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