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So, it occurs to me that while I often have a humorous bent and way to write about things, I often write when I’m in the mood to write.

Right now, I definitely don’t much care to write. I feel on top of the usual “seedy” and left eye barely able to see, my stomach is really not helping.

So, it’s probably, with all the thoughts buzzing in my mind the most perfect time to vent my thoughts.


Last Friday, I received some good news. I won my 2nd appeal to Stupidlink (my friends G-rated term for Australia’s Government Pension Provider) for a debt and it looked like I wouldn’t have to pay it back for the next 25 God damned years of my life.


I know, I hear you saying ‘Get a Goddamned job Cow!’ But it’s not that easy.

Keeping in mind, I have this ‘debt’ because I earn a small pension from my Superfund because my disability is permanent life-long injury and I’m unable to go back to work.

Part of the debt was forgiven due to Stupidlink losing my forms when I declared them, 5 years ago!

And for the last 5 years this ‘extra income’ has allowed me to afford (what I now term as simple luxuries) paying my rent on time.

Keeping the lights on.

Living alone because housemates like to free load, because they think I’ve got a sweet life and they want to hitch a ride.

No seriously, as fucked up as that sounds, it happened!

Apparently eating, I thought I’d be able to keep doing that!

And over weekend I took a deep sigh of relief that for once the Universe was looking after me and I could afford to continue/or return to be able to do all of the above.

Today, I received a letter. I decided to do call straight away to follow it up! The letter was to prompt me to do just that in the hope that I had miraculously come into some income or wealth where I could start repaying more of the debt every fortnight.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – I hear myself say?


Um, I mention the letter I received only last Friday (today is Monday), that said debt had been waivered!

There was no note of it on the system and apparently after a call to the appropriate people came back with the information that they have until the 31st May to appeal the decision and it looks like they will do that!

More questioning on my part and it looks like I have to cry ‘poor’ in another round!

So, feeling overwhelmingly tired and sick to my stomach, I did what I always do when life gets stressful.

I went to bed!

I woke hours later not feeling much better and questioning how I can live on less, what decisions I am supposed to make to make the Government able to cripple me a little more.

Let’s see;

Do I give up my Friday Custard Scroll? That’s $3.30

I really can only tell the week is over when I wrap the week with a coffee and Custard Scroll on Friday afternoon.

That will take a long time at $3.30 per week.

I guess I can live without those things, but they are literally the only nice things I get/do each week to make life in some way more livable.

I’ll just say, it makes me happy!

Is it too much to ask to be a little happy?


19 comments on “Life

  • Sounds like typical bureaucracy.

    I have no doubt what you say about your experiences with roommates is true. I’ve had too many friends who rented to people they trusted, and those people screwed them over. I can’t imagine it would be any better with strangers.

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    • Pure insanity! They have only accepted minimal repayments as I’m young enough to pay it off. And while my pension has never increased when I’ve paid more rent it all seems pretty shitfull! This is why the topic of public housing grates on me. Thanks for the comment!


      • Government bureaucracy seems to be the same everywhere. One department doesn’t know what the other department is doing.

        Years ago, I helped a friend find a 1-bedroom apartment that was subsidized. She was receiving disability at the time and paid about half of her income a month for the apartment. However, there were a lot of free programs available to her so that she could still eat for very little, have a phone for free…

        In this country, if you were married and divorced or widowed but never married again, you’re entitled to a portion of what your husband/wife would’ve received.

        Her ex died, she the received social security from his account, and her income shot up by several hundred a month. Then the subsidy was lowered by the exact same amount.

        Oh, but it gets “better.” After receiving a high amount, she was above the threshold for receiving other low-income assistance. Her food subsidy was reduced and there were other subsidies she was no longer eligible for. Why? Because one department (housing) didn’t know or care about why her income went up or what it would do to other assistance.needed for the “unimportant” things like utilities, food….

        Yes, it’s crazy.

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    • But WHY do we accept nonsense as “TYPICAL bureaucracy” when officials who are tasked to help are ineffectual or heartless? We *all* need to call them out on that crap! (the censored version of what I really wanted to say)
      (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
      – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
      “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  • So sorry to read this one, Helen – but I truly get it. I weep for both of us.

    I’m having my own “heartless” struggles with my landlord’s management company right now – threatening to evict me before Christmas if I can’t tell them WHEN the remainder of the cash to pay my rent will be coming in the door – sending a “Three Day Notice” on the 20th (even though this is the ONLY time in the years since I took the apartment that this sad situation has happened, since my rent is generally guaranteed by a trust payment that is also held up right now for an admin snafu).

    I should have picked a date in January to begin with, I guess – but I have this lousy habit of telling the truth. So I’m making a lot of “collection” calls — pressure that isn’t likely to improve EFD follow-through skills one whit! The world is becoming a small, mean place.

    Courage Camille – and try to have a bit of a Happy Holiday anyway. I plan to celebrate on 12th Nite (Jan. 6 – Epiphany) – and I’m affirming that I will still be HERE when I celebrate it.

    Meanwhile, commenting and visiting blogs like yours has taken more than a back seat for a bit. I’m SO glad I got it together to rack up a few Christmas posts in advance! (LOVE that WordPress autopost “scheduling” feature!)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


      • Thanks. Yet another example of the extreme lack of effectiveness of the “tough love” approach – as if throwing anybody into a panic EVER worked, but to do it at Christmas? What sort of Grinches be they? It can’t be good for their management reputation.

        They deal mostly with students (lots of colleges surrounding), and my voice sounds young, so maybe if I can book a sit down so they can SEE who they’re threatening, they’ll back off.

        Meanwhile, I’m praying.

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      • Thanks so much. Prayers appreciated – centeredness & calm for me *and* them. I’m playing phone tag with a relative who is the estate executor right now – I’ll have answers once we speak. Hopefully before the weekend is through.

        I truly don’t get the apt. management company’s thinking ! Rather than waiting a bit more for a formerly reliable tenant in a temporary jam they think it makes more sense to incur legal fees, costs of getting the apt. new-renter ready, and THEN trying to find someone to rent it and move them in on New Years Day — *if* the courts support what they are attempting once they hear my side of it all??

        They REALLY don’t think I might have handled things before that? I despise the brinksmanship of it all and it’s making for a truly rotten Christmas so far this year.

        Thanks so much for your empathy (and prayers!)

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      • Yes, I agree, it’s a terrible way of going about things and creates ill feeling with a dependable client who now has a problem. Which they try fixing with a small-minded meanness approach, (and wasting finances and energy). 😦 Some people, honestly… Have you got other support there, too? xo

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      • Thanks – I have wrangled an extra day’s grace from the company – and I finally reached my brother, who has agreed to wire a loan of the rent money until the rest of the mess is straightened out.

        A Christmas miracle? I’ll take it as one – thank you GOD!

        May you have a Christmas filled with miracles as well – and thanks so much for your kind support.

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      • Ahh, that’s BRILLIANT news, Madelyn! You have a wonderful brother. You’re very welcome…this time of year is usually hard without that kind of thing. Thank you for my Christmas miracles wish 🙂 Hugs my friend.

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