Life – Part 2

Published December 30, 2016 by helentastic67



“If you are not living you’re just waiting to die!”

I’ve been questioning this lately because when I was younger I imagined life meant work, family and eventually “green pastures”. Meaning a comfortable retirement eventually after a sufficiently lengthy work life!

I’m pretty certain having children is never going to happen from this body. While not menopausal, I’ve done my time changing nappies for 2 younger sisters cured me of needing to make up for it now.


I’m not apologetic to say that when I’m out shopping or in Cafes and I hear a baby cry or screech. It’s the sound of my ovaries drying up! I’m certain my body would struggle with caring for a baby, my back certainly would not cope. A second disc bulge, while pregnant? Pass! Hell NO!


Marriage is an endless possibility, so yet to rule that out. I’ve always wanted a man who was more interested in my mind than my body and let’s face it, the last 8 years haven’t been kind to my body. Now I just hope life isn’t so cruel, that I meet the man of my dreams and he’s a Neurosurgeon.


Wouldn’t that be ironic…

Because we all know surgeons are “cutters”. Cutters like to cut!


No-one’s cutting into my brain until I’m no longer using it! All the careers I’ve had I can no longer do. Organisations love my knowledge and experiences, but no one wants to pay for this wisdom I have. They all expect I’ll impart this wisdom for free, because I’ve seen as some scourge on the community and it’s how I can give back to the community.

So while I’m not ready to give up and die, I don’t know what I’m living for. Does that make sense? I’m working that out!



6 comments on “Life – Part 2

  • Yes, that makes a lot of sense. We seem to be at a similar fork in the road. I, too, am wondering which path to choose. The easiest one will offer me yet more of the same- same old patriarchal workplace where men are more than eager to use me up, then take credit for my work while leaving me behind. I want something different- but what? That I don’t know… yet.


  • Goodness! That pic with the cats rushing through the door and the woman being 40 made me laugh. Mum calls ME the Crazy Dog Lady. They’re the best companions, especially for someone who cannot get about much.

    Yes, it’s like we’ve prematurely aged and it isn’t fair. I never envisioned my life like this. I grew up too fast, under too much stress and by the time I tried sorting myself out again, bang! I’m made chronically ill at the sweet age of 34. I suppose my writing is my main goal now, that and the part time degree studies in design if I can find the energy this year to continue.

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