Handy Hints #467

Published January 2, 2017 by helentastic67


Handy Hints #467

I don’t know how many handy hits I’ve had so far, but it’s definitely not 467. This advice I was given from a Naturopath friend who is now retired. She also had a lifetime of wisdom as a Nurse. Her advice was this;

You may not realise your biggest organ is your skin! And if you are sick with a cold you might consider putting garlic inside your sock’s. Your soles of your feet will absorb the garlic and you will breath garlic very soon, enough to keep away Vampires!


Pop Quiz!

Who knows what your biggest organ is?

If you answered “Your skin!” you would be correct. I ask my carers the first time they have a shift with me as part of their induction.


Most people might be familiar with Arnica being used for bruises. I use it for brain swelling.


Arnica is really good for bruises. Helps draw them out so they can get better and go away quicker.

But you can really slather your head with it, it’s easier to put some on the “soft spots” of your body because they absorb quicker.

The soft spots are as follow’s

  1. The inside of your elbow.
  2. The inside of your thigh.
  3. The underside of your belly. (About 3 inches below your belly button (just guessing).
  4. The underside of your breasts (Ladies)

My carers do the cream inside my elbow. Specialists cleared me of brain swelling years ago, however a little dab every day can’t hurt and I really notice the difference when I do too much, stress too much and the pressure behind my eyes builds, every bit helps.

Arnica can be bought from Health Food Shops and I think it’s a staple for every bathroom.



6 comments on “Handy Hints #467

  • I’d not heard of arnica before. Definitely going to try it. Seems the older I get, the easier I bruise. Maybe thinner skin? Anyway, thanks for reminding me about my skin being an organ. I struggle with skin care in the dry winter air here, and have to remind myself to regularly care for my arms and hands, legs and feet.


  • Arnica! I’ve a big bottle of that somewhere. I believe I bought it for the inflammation round my back/hip area. Herbs are brilliant, I’m glad you’ve got something for your injury. Oscar Dandelion has a very soft spot (a spoft) around his tummy area and insides of his legs where he likes to be tickled. 😉

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