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I recently received the results from my latest MRI. My GP quickly reassured me “You’ve still got a brain in there!”

Yeah, thanks! Standard ABI humour!

He then proceeded to tell me the technician who did the report for the MRI was so shocked by the AVM he rang my GP the morning he was next at work, to ask if he was aware of what he had just found.


When he told me this part, I smiled a little and mentioned I had told them I had an AVM! And did they not read the referral?

We both agreed they had not!

Bloody Nora!

The MRI was to tell me if there had been any damage from a fall I had, had years earlier and many other things had taken precedence at the time including my maybe dislocated left shoulder.


Having not seen the Specialist I had meant to see at my hospital at the Specialist Clinic a month earlier.

My GP had referred me instantly to have the MRI under a scheme where if it’s thought to be Cancer, you get prioritized and it was bulk-billed.

When the receptionist had taken his call. She had asked how serious it was? He booked it for me while I pointed to times in my diary that were better.

He answered “Well, it’s the brain! So, it’s pretty important.”

And it was booked amongst everything else the following week.


3 comments on “MRI

  • I’ve have that incredulous look on my face, too. It’s sort of like going to the doctor for a migraine, it has migraine written on the chart the doctor is supposed to read before walking in, you have an ice pack on one side of your head, and the lights are out, The doctor walks in, turns the light on and ask, “What brings you here today?”

    And the one about asking if you’re “sexually active” when your mother is in the room? LOL!

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      • I have, on more than one occasion, had to tell a doctor that under no circumstances was s/he to look into my eyes with a light. Sometimes I have to fish out a letter from my eye doctor (at a university on the other side of the USA) and tell them to make a copy of the letter.

        I, too, am fortunate to have an incredible GP. 🙂


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