Baby Brain

Published January 27, 2017 by helentastic67


Baby Brain

Once upon a time I sat at my GP’s office and while waiting a woman and her young baby sat outside the nurse’s room.

After she had been there for some minutes, she spoke to her baby and claimed “Mummy has a brain injury”.


Got up and left.

Now, I imagine the woman was suffering from something known as “Baby Brain”, where for some reason they are overloaded with a mixture of happy Mummy chemicals, a very busy schedule and likely a lack of sleep due to said adorable fashion statement baby. Looks like a baby, I suggest.

Perhaps you have a baby?

So, please feel free for having a baby brain.

I have a brain injury! I didn’t choose to have a brain injury. So, considering it’s all I have when it comes to blaming any of my weird moments so, please don’t steal it.


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