UBC, Why We Love Them

Published February 3, 2017 by helentastic67



UBC, Why we Love Them!

Pets really can be a great source of relief from Mental Health issues. This is a perfect example of why I love my cat! You Bastard Cat! Noelle told me of this term, so credit where credit is due…

These days, my cat Jamina ‘Patch the Pirate Cat’, Puddle duck will follow me around our home. My movements are pretty standard, bed or couch and during winter, Jamina watches a single bed doona with a polar fleece cover to see where that is going. If I’m moving around the house doing something, but the doona is still on the bed, she parks there knowing full well sooner or later I will go back to bed. She stays there, gets comfortable and sleeps to wait and yes, cats sleep.


I think Jamina thinks she’s a person. Probably because I sleep a lot and I’m probably a bit cat!

These days, despite having a dining table, I eat my meals on the couch. I know it sounds bad, but I have had times when I’ve had every meal on the weekend in bed.

There are times I get to the couch with dinner a little late. My computer sits hooked up to the TV with a HDMI cable. Because reading is migraine inducing, I will watch a show. Being one handed, it’s nice to watch something without ads, so I put on a TV show, so I could single task, but have some company. The show started and Jamina joined me on the couch. The TV was emblazoned with the words “SIX MONTHS LATER!”


And it stayed there the longest time!

Looking at Jamina I discovered she was sitting on the Wi-Fi mouse! UBC!



8 comments on “UBC, Why We Love Them

  • My cat Dexter is with me most of the time too. Even though he is a Bengal, and they usually are more active, he follows me around the house. I’m grateful for the company and the attention does give me a little boost.

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  • I gave up having a dining room table and eat meals at my computer. It seems like such a waste of space and the legs ended up as a scratching post for cats or a chew toy for dogs.

    Cats certainly can be UBC’s. I’ve never known a creature that can step on your computer and pull up a screen you’ve never seen before, nor can you get out of it without expert help.

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    • I have a dinning table also. Neglected. But my laptop now lives in the lounge hooked up to the TV. WiFi keyboard &mouse makes it possible to eat all my meals on the couch. Still a vast improvement to eating in bed. I now can’t imagine my home without a cat.

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