Published March 17, 2017 by helentastic67

My symptoms have changed much over the 30 years I’ve had miagraine but here’s a good description……….



  • Great information.

    I get everything except the vomiting — unless it is so bad the spike in P threatens to kill me first. I live in a low light environment and wear dark glasses. Those two things have prevented a multitude of possible migraines.


    • No vomiting anymore for me either however I get the pain in my left eye that allows me to still smash through the day just feeling really seedy. So, I often get one every week. My neuro-specialists tell me this is what my miagraine S are like now. Super!🙄

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      • I have a constant pain in the right eye, but it’s mild enough that I can avoid thinking about it. Therapy consists of Meditation, 2 dogs sleeping next to me, and never calling the doctor unless I need a shot (like I did when visiting my daughter in Nov.). 🙂

        I have scleral buckles sewn into both eyes, so I know the pain on the right has to be more than having something stitched to my eyeball until I die. 🙂

        For the left side, I was getting a-typical vestibular migraines — no pain but a lot of dizziness and vertigo. That subsided a lot after a tooth was removed on the upper left side (along with 6 other teeth — mostly in the back).

        Never thought of bad teeth being the cause of migraines before that.

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  • Ditto for complete symptom list. I don’t recall what year they hit on a daily basis–2005? They’re much less frequent now, but when one arrives, even Maxalt has a 2-hr-or-so fight on its hands…at least there’s a cheaper generic now.

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