Depression and Stats

Published March 17, 2017 by helentastic67


Depression and Stats

Last night I was looking back over my recent posts and noticing the number of ‘Likes’ some posts have over others. I am definitely noticing that some posts strike a chord with people and that’s when they start to follow and then they seem to not stick around.


I, obviously don’t post to be popular, I just found it a little amusing, 7 complete strangers liked my post on depression. Clearly, I don’t want to talk about depression, every single post. That would be depressing…

I find the way I deal with my depression is, I vent some and I play a little loud music. Then, I hibernate. I find people don’t understand depression and they don’t realise you can be depressed and still be up and about walking around.

Loud music

Are we all meant to be at home sitting in a dark room, wearing black, looking pale?

I confess, I do wear a lot of black, a heavy grey jacket, today on account of the weather, but under that layers of black! NO, really layers.

Dressed in black

But anyway, where was I? Oh, yes…. Depression, I think writing about it, vent, but do something to move the negativity or else nothing changes.

Sometimes, maybe we just have to change our expectations and disappointment doesn’t snowball to be beyond despair.

I realise this sounds pessimistic, but I wonder if I’ll get more than 2 Likes for this post?


4 comments on “Depression and Stats

  • When I first started writing poetry on my blog, I’d look around at other people’s poetry blogs. There was a lot of “suicide” poetry, which was very disturbing. Worse, those dreadful poems had a slew of likes.

    Each day offers something to live for, another person to help, another kitty to love, another day to look out the window and be thankful for eyesight, a place to live, and food to eat.

    No, life isn’t fair, nor was it meant to be. And being depressed sometimes is part of life. I’m not particularly thrilled about that, but it helps to find something to be passionate about. That has helped me through a lot of hard days.

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  • Sometimes, I like to imagine that whatever is happening right now, this cant be as good as it gets. There’s got to be more to life. And you want to hang around to see what happens next right? And yes, then there’s always more cats to love! Cheers,H


  • I noticed that negative titles get more readers than positive ones too. If I have tips that gets people to read so I have to mention it in the title or they might not be discovered. I’m not sure what that says about readers, if anything.

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