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To some I might seem OCD/ADHD, to others anal or a control freak, however I just think I’ve developed coping mechanisms or systems to survive.

Let me give you an example;

You take a sip of your cuppa T and wonder if you put sugar in it because it tastes a little dry…. (you know that weird dry taste when you need just a sprinkle of sugar?)

Cuppa T 1


You stir it, taste again. If still not sure, I check the kitchen. Once I’ve finished with the sugar bowl, I put it back where it belongs, on top of the microwave.

I have limited space in my kitchen, also so that helps keep things tidy by putting thing where they ‘belong’.

But I have plenty of “systems” and when someone else comes into my home and moves things around, it’s a very careful balance.

Not helped by my eyesight or lack there-of. I often have to go into an area or room twice. And then if I have people that move things without thought, that is beyond frustration…

Organised 2

8 comments on “Organised

  • We have a small kitchen too, and I recently decided to reorganise it. Everything was wherever we had put it when we first moved in 4 years ago and weren’t fully familiar with how best to use the space. So it’s all much better organised now…. just struggling to find anything.

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    • Great idea. Whenever I move I always like to unpack and set up my kitchen last so I can work out the best lace for everything. Always means trips to hardware stores or container stores to help store or utilise areas. Every space is different. Not looking forward to my next move. Cheers,H


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