T-birds and Purple Trees

Published May 19, 2017 by helentastic67


T-Birds and Purple Trees

T-Birds and Purple trees! My Case Manager told me to quote that when I have my NDIS assessment tomorrow. He suggests it emphasises my (how best to say it?) “Numpty-ness?”

Purple tree

He rang me a week ago and asked what I was up to and I was quite literal as I was reading a post from one of the bloggers I follow. The post was about T-Birds (Thunderbirds the car) and a beautiful purple tree that was about to be cut up. One of my followers will recognise this from her blog.

My point being, sometimes I’ve got to get my “Crazy” on! Because I manage to appear so competent, I almost self-sabotage and I don’t mean to.

Crazy lady

I am competent in many, many ways, but it doesn’t change the fact that physically I struggle and the things I manage to do all comes at a cost.

I mean, try peeling a carrot one-handed. That should be today’s challenge.

I promise you it’s do-able. It’s just such a complete “brain fuck” if you manage it you will need a good stiff drink afterwards and I need a lie down.

Brain fuck

Fingers crossed I don’t have to get the “Crazy” out too much tomorrow. That also requires a lie down because I really hate having to dumb myself down.

I am my best advocate, but if I do it a little too well, I shoot myself in the foot.



5 comments on “T-birds and Purple Trees

  • Isn’t it a shame that when you’re having to “prove” yourself as “deserving” of support, you have to worry about them overestimating you! In most other circumstances in life we worry about people underestimating us, or not giving them a good impression.
    Hope it goes well (or should that be badly?) 🙃

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  • That’s the sad thing about it. No one sees the herculean efforts needed to lift the same weight as others. All they see is that you lifted the weight because they’re comparing your entire life to a single minuscule slice of time.

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  • Exactly! People see me out & about smashing it! They don’t see me later when I’m at home trying to get it all together for the following day, already! Not to forget the migraine which is not the type to cripple me so I just can’t do ‘Adult!’


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