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You would think we learn to wash dishes by hand when you’re at least a teenager. Or at least I did, however over the last five years or so, I’ve come across some woman who don’t know how to wash dishes. The actual goal and whole point to doing dishes is so they are ‘clean’!

So, I can wrap up my topic neatly and move onto other torturous topics. I will smash out the instructions of how to do the dishes at Helen’s and should you have a similar kitchen set-up or cleaning mentality or what-not, you might implement it at your house.

  1. Put on the kettle with cold water. Why? I hear you ask? Because my Landlords are cheap wogs and put in a small hot water service and I run out of hot water when washing my hair, one handed in the shower.
  2. Put a vegetable strainer in the sink to catch anything that needs to go into the bin (Not the compost for the worm farm bin)
  3. Lightly scrub anything left in the sink to soak, i.e. oven trays, slow cooker, pasta baking dish.
  4. Tip water down sink and remove everything to prepare the sink. Take out vegie strainer and throw out any rubbish. Take a sponge and put some liquid soap onto the sponge, add water to sponge and clean out both sinks. (using the abrasive side of sponge, if anything is stuck) Rinse with cold water. Put in plugs, both sinks. (Learn your liquid soaps and quality of each, so you know how much to use to do the job at hand. I use quality so you don’t need heaps. A sink full of foam is also useless. Somewhere between a squirt and a teaspoon is generally enough.
  5. Kettle should be boiling by now. Add boiling water to left sink and add cold from the tap also.
  6. Re-fill kettle and put back on.
  7. Fill right sink with cold water (hot would be better, but we don’t have all day.
  8. The ideal sink water lever should be half full. Therefore, enough water to do the job without having too much splash everywhere.


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