Kick Arse

Published February 19, 2018 by helentastic67

Kick Arse

Kick Arse

I kicked someone in the bum yesterday, I mean, I kicked a guy in the arse and he did nothing to deserve it. It’s not something I meant to do, it’s actually fair to say he had it coming by sitting where he was.

Melbourne these days filled with hole in the wall hipster Café’s. So, this guy was sitting on the footpath with his feet on the road drinking his coffee, outside one of these hipster Café’s and along I come walking down the footpath.

Hipster cafe

Firstly, I didn’t see him. Which after my Daisy Grazing drop foot collected with his bottom, he bolted upright and that was when I apologised by saying, I hadn’t seen him and I have a drop foot, which is why in the early 90’s I could not perform a dance move called the Melbourne Shuffle.


Went to a club in Wales, UK back in ’94 and saw a guy at the end of the dance floor doing the Melbourne Shuffle.

Melbourne shuffle 1




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