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It seems to come up a lot in blogging doesn’t it? People talking about God, Jesus and ‘Whatnot’ and this will put me into my Religion/Muslim/Terrors topic, but we shall see. As previously stated, I went to a Catholic School for nine whole years.

Talking about God

However, I lost my faith in this ‘Holy Go-Thing’ early in life. In brief, I lost my sister when I was nine years-old. She had been born on my 8th birthday and died fifteen months and a week later from cancer. She was sick for a month, then just gone.

Questioning God

Is there a God?

Does God do this?

Why would God do this?

God takes innocent little babies?

But while I question this and don’t believe in this ‘Concept of God’ the all mighty, that’s OK. I believe more in this Higher Being, The Universe, Karma, Buddha, whatever that is.

Higher power

I believe in doing the right thing, largely based on the 10 commandments, sure. Because it all makes sense, it’s common sense, right!

10 Commandments

But I also believe in reincarnation, because really, we’re born, we live, we die. That also can’t be it surely? Because I think some people really don’t get it right the first time and I like to imagine, if we suffer in this life, maybe we get better looked after in the next. Then again it scares me to ask what horrible thing or atrocity I’ve committed in a past life to be dealing with this ‘Shit’?


3 comments on “Religion

  • I don’t have religion, but I do believe we have a spirit that is using this body as a vehicle. What happens next, I don’t know. A friend was telling me about a medium she went to. She was very sceptical. Her wedding and engagement rings were being professionally cleaned but you could still see there indent on her finger. She was ready to walk out if the medium started saying she’d recently divorced.

    Anyway this lady went into details that she couldn’t just make up. As my friend told me about this I started shaking. It was powerful and scary. As I’ve lost both my parents I would love to know how they are. Does the Alzheimer’s still affect Dads spirit or do you return to a purer form of yourself without the broken vehicle?

    Maybe one day I’ll visit a medium and see if I can get these answers. Maybe.

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  • Thank you for the comment. I think in heaven, or whatever you believe we go to when we die? All IKnesset’s are healed? Your father is whole again. I’ve yet to cover the clairvoyant topic but I believe in the ‘good’ones. (And I’ve seen both types)Cheers,H


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