Today’s Lunch – 23rd May 2018

Published May 23, 2018 by helentastic67


Todays lunch 1

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Meeting a friend

It’s funny how my weeks pan out at times. Every week is the usual crazy. But this week, I’ve managed to make it more social. So, Monday.  Had lunch close to home with a friend. This is my lunch and hers.
Little HenrysLittle Henrys 1









Tuesday, had planned to go to another place a little further with a friend who has just returned from a holiday in Cuba, I always invite her to visit and I take her on an adventure and I love that she is open to doing different things. We have done the tulip festival, visited my Mr Miyagi, many, many lunches, we have visited a large bonsai supplier, and the day was no different. While, the intended location of lunch was not open we went for a wander and came across a cafe that we both enjoyed a vegetable curry. Mine came with a roti folded in the shape of a napkin.

Vegetable CurryRoti










We had a discussion that my Wednesday posts have already hit a Arancini slump I fall into for winter. So, in my efforts to change things up a little, I hope you enjoyed these pictures for something completely different.

And finally, today’s offering, Moroccan chicken and turmeric rice salad.
And my standard medicine!

Chicken and rice












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