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As promised some time ago on a Hot off the Press, from early June 2017, I mentioned the Bogan reference to an adventure to Moe, a town a few hours from Melbourne.

Adventures in Moe

The Bogan is a common term in Australia for a person who has not enough education and doesn’t see the point in getting any, they have no class or style.

Bogan Education

And I know I sound like a snob as I write this however, everyone has a little Bogan in them. Comedians make fun of them and when making a point with friends about how people have assumptions about me being a Bogan, I can deny it in a classy Bogan fashion.


“Come here and say that”

There are some suburbs where Bogan seems to be more obvious. Some areas, drugs make the Bogan more “enhanced” so that’s not a bonus.

Bogan 1Grammer

The speech is often less (again I hear my inner snob) intellectual. Fine! Careless. They are careless with using words. They are likely to be out and will see a friend and call out to them regardless of their environment, using swear words or inappropriate pet names to be called out in public or across the street.


5 comments on “Bogan

  • Interesting that Australia has the same bias against the same people. In the USA, the term is “redneck.”

    My father had a 5th grade education. I have to say that he could read and write better than most people who graduate from high school these days. He was a mover and because he didn’t have good grammar he was called some unflattering names, all of them as bad as anything a person of color could cite.

    Yes, there are some who deserve vilification. But that could be said about any class of people. My mom used to say, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Living in a county of Florida that is know to be “redneck central” I can tell you for a fact that my mom’s old cliche is true.

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  • I hear you. I invite you to visit some time? I’ll give you the tour? Also, unlike Rednecks Bogans don’t know how to turn roadkill into sunday nights dinner? Too stereotypical? (she says tongue-in-cheek)
    I thought Florida was full of retired Judge Judy’s? If not, I have been misled.
    Also, I suspect your father despite his low educational level completed still had a desire to know things? He would have been in interesting person to converse with. Thanks for the comment. Cheers,H

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  • LOL. Today I learnt something new 😉
    Norfolk people, of which I am one of them, are often made fun of by the city folk, usually Londoners. Lots of jokes about tractors. I confuse the fuck out of them because I speak with an ‘educated’ accent – people assume I’m from a good London family – but it was my dad’s doing. He wouldn’t let me pick up the local dialect. His mother came from London and I suppose since he was brought up that way, then so be it for me.
    Hugs my friend!! xo

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