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OK! While I’m writing this straight after I’ve written my “why I blog post” where I mentioned “Roadkill”. That post jumped the queue and now we have resumed our normal programming.

Back to normal program

To all the single ladies, past, present and future. Roadkill is that term I have for when being single gets monotonous and in order to not being alone or ‘so-alone’ we drop our perceived standards of who is acceptable to date.

Single ladies

I’m not at all suggesting, we only want to date millionaires with boats (sorry yachts) or a castle (it’s never too late) however.


No job, no car, no home, no furniture? (ok that’s a work-around) however.

Our mentality is, we see them by the side of the road with a broken leg or completely flattened and smeared all over the road (Just got ‘dark’ didn’t it?) and the nurturing part of us thinks.

Roadkill 1

“It’s OK, with a little TLC (tender loving care) and a little work, he will scrub up OK.”


You can help them get a job, get a care, etc…

Eventually, they are fixed enough to take them home to meet your mum. You follow? Yeah No!

Helen does not do Roadkill anymore!

No More Roadkill

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