Today’s Lunch – 26th September 2018

Published September 26, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day!

Life has been way too chaotic lately. What is going on? Is it just me?


Last Thursday, my young carer and I went over to the west. My artist friend Larissa had organised a huge Fringe event called Disability Pride. Here is a little taste. You can see photos of the event on my Facebook page.

Disability Pride 1

Disability Pride 2










And if you can share the posts already on fb for this event. I’m still struggling to share to that page. I’m doing it wrong, obviously.

Disability Pride

And like my sleep isn’t challenged enough? Enter this scenario. Late Monday night far, far away in the country. My mum chases in Two cats (One likes to stay out later than the other prompting me to tie them together.) I can’t believe she bothered to tell me why she couldn’t do that. Then she drove to Melbourne (3.5 hours) to arrive at 2.10am, I was in bed around 3am and my younger sister was returning from her first overseas trip. I woke at 7.30am, to wonder where they both were? I had expected to wake to an extra body snuggled down asleep in my bed. Did I need to give her intensive border control training? Doubtful. Getting luggage took for ever apparently. So overall, four hours sleep. Not good at all.


My one appointment Tuesday was cancelled without anyone bothering to tell me so after my family departed I had a kip and I finished the day with a friend coming for dinner and a film. I had managed to convince my friend Susanne (her real name) to watch Deadpool with me.

Forgive the irony, I told her she could hit me if it was too violent. I forget, I find the violence so highly stylised and the humour for me wiped my memory of the violence. I gotta hand d it to her, the moments she closed her eyes and blocked her ears, I stroked her leg (more of a pat) and told her “butterfly kisses!” And reminding her of Ryan Reynolds rack, eighteen minutes from the end she waved the white flag, she had, had enough and I didn’t get my slap.


It’s now very early Wednesday morning as I tap out this blog and another crazy day is ahead.

Crazy day

So, today’s lunch, Spanakopita with a side-salad and medicine. Nom! Nom!














Happy Wednesday

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