When Disability Becomes Embarrassing – Part 4

Published September 28, 2018 by helentastic67

When disability becomes embarrassing 4

When Disability Becomes Embarrassing – Part 4

Fred Gets Taught a Lesson

The final day of the conference everyone was tired, but content they had gone, conquered and achieved what they had gone there to do.

End of conference

I came across Fred and in a casual setting he approached me to apologise for the previous night at the dinner and throwing me under the bus in front of everyone.

Fred apologizes

I told him “It’s OK, because I had been about to tell him to go outside and call all his friends and family and loved ones and tell them how much he loved them!” because I was going to kill him.

Im going to kill you

He seemed to sober immediately and to confirm he wouldn’t do it again. I told him it would be OK because I could always claim brain injury to “get off”.

Blame brain injury

I left him with a friendly pat on the side of his arm, but I think he also knew not to do it again. It should be a warning to others.

Dont mess with me


Yet to kill anybody, but there’s always the first.

Always a first time

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