Rehab – Part 5

Published November 2, 2018 by helentastic67

Rehab Part 5

Rehab Part – 5

There are some days, even earlier this morning, I had so much to put down on paper, I wish for the ability to plug into my brain and just download it all.

Download Brain

Had a carer, spent what is for me, the morning having breakfast, making some calls. Ok, leaving messages, prompting me to ask “Does anyone answer their phones anymore?” and after getting out hellonwheels.

Answer phone

Committing to go out on a day that could be better spent at home with the air conditioning on. So out on the scooter, cruising for a bruising.

Cruising for a bruising

Made a quick stop at the local supermarket, spoke to the homeless guy out front for a spell. (He was having an emotional day) His competition at the other supermarket apparently has a home but begs for coins to support his habits.


Anyway, I think he was just happy I seemed to know of the kind of organisations he would be able to call on my people to deliver my lovely muffins.

Then to Lucy, my local milkbar that puts my Sunday paper aside. (I know old school) and I met her through her sister Megi who was in the back unit from where I used to live. Megi and I have the free food trade agreement.


Scootering down my old street I met one of my regular peeps, Marri and stopped for a chat. Eventually, off again and it’s taken me ninety minutes to arrive at a café to have a coffee and write. I also delivered Mira the café owner some muffins and she wouldn’t let me pay for my coffee.


Just this process of emptying my brain has reminded me of what I was intending to write about.

Empty Brain

Might scooter past Bella and Wilbur on the way home. Do some admin, more calls and try NOT to kip. Great day

No kip

5 comments on “Rehab – Part 5

  • Honey, you are a fricking hoot!! Just my kind of peeps that I voluntarily seek out as friends. I once rad a quote on the internet that said Those weirdos that speak and you can feel that shit in your soul…they are your tribe. Cherish them!! I think I’ve found us a new tribe member…..that is if you want in at all. For the record shenanigans, smartassery, love, cyber hugs, sarcasm and the word fuck gets thrown around waaaaay more than necessary😉😂! In some of my darkest hours, my WP family has lifted me up, made me smile and also realize the with friends like these, what the hell do I have to be down about?!? LOL! Thank you for the sweet compliment on my blog. I use a LOT of humor to make up for the pain (past and present) that I’ve dealt with in my life. No one gives a rats ass about a constant complainer, but if you throw in some sarcasm and lace it with an extra large dose of your best profanities, I’ve noticed people GET that. They associate with that. I am THE jackass that actually vocalizes what polite civil society only secretly thinks. Haha!! Big hugs & mad love coming your way!!

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