Making Things Count

Published December 7, 2018 by helentastic67

Making it Count

Making Things Count

It may or may not surprise people to know that I have done a Leadership program, which I completed back in 2012? Now, don’t get too excited, it wasn’t a massive degree or such that it would get me a cushy job, working at some multi-national, million dollar paid job, but a portion of Community Development course and the fellow students, all fifteen of us had disabilities (very different kinds) and the course was only two full days a month because the rest of the time it was presumed, because we did work on our individual projects in our own time. Some people worked, some didn’t and while the majority had an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) or Mental Health and a random MS, Polio, Scleroderma thrown in.


Seriously, the contrast and differences were really obvious to me. By the way, my project was this blog. It took a few more years to come to fruition, but within a few years, I now have 230 followers. I call it a win.


Not my point, that’s just the background.

I find because I want my time to be productive and I want to feel like I’ve/we’ve achieved something I step up in groups I go to so it’s not a complete waste of my time.

Productive day

In recent years I’ve stepped back from the Self Advocacy group I was the treasurer, for several years and I’ve concentrated on other things, the DAC (Disability Advisory Committee) I’m part of, in my local community, I’ve been dealing with the NDIS (nightmare) and live really.

Self Advocacy Group

I find myself on the out-skirts of the Advocacy group and at times I end up (self-nominated. I’m such an idiot) conversing and moderating issues.


I firstly try to do as much in the moment so it gets done and we can discuss and move the fuck on.

Moving On

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