Today’s Lunch – 27th March 2019

Published March 27, 2019 by helentastic67

Today Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

I have two things to celebrate this week, both very slow-burn achievements. One, only I am the beneficiary, the other the whole apartment building I live in benefits. Feeling like a win-win!!!
Firstly, I got my clothes dryer, it was fully funded. Thank you, St Vincent de Paul, below is a photo of my European laundry. Well, the doors to it, in my main bathroom. Then the doors open. Then the third is just of the dryer. This will save me 90 minutes every night in winter from having to bring in my washing from the racks on the balcony and hanging them a second time in my study. It’s not always cool enough to put on the heater in my apartment. I might start getting to bed before 1am. Maybe?

Dryer cupboardDryer 1Dryer 2Dryer 3

















The other win, is that the whole building had its windows cleaned. I have been asking since last spring as it’s normally something I get done at that time. I was out at an exhibition opening of a friend from high school, 100 years ago (exaggeration much) and came home to lovely sparkling clean windows! I understand they may never have been done before.

This is my friend Fran O’Neil and I in front of her work. Fran spends part of the year in New York. Go Fran!

Fran and I 1Fran and I 2









And a nice lunch back at my regular haunt. Very happy.  A pumpkin and spinach arancini with side salad and medicine.











Cheers H

2 comments on “Today’s Lunch – 27th March 2019

  • So pleased to know that you have had a clothes dryer installed before we move into winter. Yes where possible we use sunshine to dry our washing in Australia however there are times(winter) when this is not realistic. Well done.

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