Bloody NDIS

Published May 6, 2019 by helentastic67

Bloody NDIS

Part of the issue with disability and the world of funding, before the NDIS and since. Before the NDIS I had a Case Manager (further more referred to as a CM) and since the ‘new’ language, is my CM is called a Service Co-ordinator.

What’s that? You wonder who came up with that and how long it took them.

I recently changed SC (yes, Service Co-ordinator) and my first sit down meeting with her mum was here and mum and I kept using the ‘old’ language of CM. Every time my new SC corrected us. She apologized, but said she would get us in the habit of using the correct term.

I told her that was fine, because I would eventually stab her to death with a fork.

Yes, she laughed.

As has everyone else I’ve suggested it. They know I jest. But brief second their faces drain of blood is totally worth it.


2 comments on “Bloody NDIS

  • I work in the field of developmental disabilities. I really don’t know who comes up with long, involved names, but people with intellectual disabilities who grew up using the term “social worker” had a very hard time learning how to say Waiver Support Coordinator (WSC) when the name of their case workers changed. I was a WSC for 11 years and found it easier just to be called “social worker” than to try to change the nomenclature. For 15 years, I’ve worked for a place that provides group homes and a day programs for people with developmental disabilities. The people who grew up with WSC’s instead of social workers have learned the term, but many of the older people just call them WSC’s. 🙂

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