Published May 17, 2019 by helentastic67


The beauty of being in Australia is we have a long weekend, being part of the Commonwealth means we get to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and not just once a year, but twice. Don’t ask me when, but TWICE.

Although I don’t work, even I’m glad to have an extra day off around the weekend. But it comes with some consequences, the appointments, the carers and services I normally spread out over five days, I have to squash them into only four. There are always extra things cropping up I need to fit into the mix.

Last week was a short week and the extra things being, my mum arriving Tuesday morning at 2am to collect my sister from the airport at 6am. So, my sleep was already compromised. I’d had my Friday services of shopping and my only food prep shift with a carer that had to happen somewhere else. Add to that the services on the Thursday I had to move to accommodate the above and you have the perfect storm. I’m surprised by the Friday I didn’t have a migraine.



Thursday, I had three carers all of which overlapped and I even had the scooter guy to do a maintenance sorting me out with two new batteries and a charger. I returned home with my shopping carer to do the food prep shift, where we normally smash out three things at once, part of each I’ve generally started to get ahead of the ‘crazy’. I had the gas guy there to check the burners of my stove top and they had NEVER BEEN DONE.

I think the apartment block is four to five years old and the fact I made it through the week without a migraine now, makes me think it could have been a miracle.

I think we have another long weekend next month, Cup Day, great. Gotta plan now to get ahead of that. It’s a month away.

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