My Kitchen, My Way

Published June 17, 2019 by helentastic67

My Kitchen, My Way

One thing that is a particular challenge being one handed, is how my kitchen is set up. I think I’ve moved four times since my diagnosis and every time I’ve moved since my disability, my mum has been there for at least a week after helping me set up. It’s very important for my kitchen to be unpacked before she goes, she makes that a goal before she will depart, knowing I will get the rest sorted in time.

It’s equally important for me to be part of the sorting of the kitchen. Mum will shove all my oven trays in a cupboard to get them put away, but it’s some time before I get back to it, so I can see/feel/manage what’s in there. What I need to use regularly and put the items I rarely use somewhere else.

Last week I tasked one of my carers to get out a muffin tray and after she swore and carried on, I got up to help. As long as the carers aren’t swearing at me and I’m not swearing at them, it’s fine.


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