Social Media

Published August 2, 2019 by helentastic67

Social Media

Ok, I think I made a joke, let’s see if you agree or just hear me out. Tell me your thoughts please.

You know the whole Social Media thing everyone else is on? That I am not. People on Instragram, Twitter and the like.

Yes, yes, I do have a blog and I did eventually get on board the Facey-thingy. Reluctantly.

But it seems some people only have conversations if they are being shared with 5,000 followers and of whom want to be in on the conversation, concentrate on other people’s comments and spread the hate.

I know I sound old, when I say some people are more interested in other people’s opinions than actually watching a documentary, or such to learn about it from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) than make up their own minds.

I’ve come to the conclusion, maybe people would rather communicate with people they don’t know, because they might live around the world from them and not in close proximity (is this safer?) or because they share a mind-set?

Because I guess there is the whole catfish thing. FYI I really am now a 46-year-old single barren spinster living in Melbourne Australia, advocating to/for people with brain injuries, with a cat.

Why anyone would make this shit up to get friends they may or may never meet is beyond me.


5 comments on “Social Media

  • While in California my computer broke, so I was forced to learn more about how to use my Android. Usually, my phone is off, but it had to be on while I was out there. But without a computer I did things like clean and take walks and go places.

    So now, the phone is charging but I’ll turn it off again until needed. The computer is my gateway to social media and as long as I’m sitting in a chair typing instead of walking into light poles I won’t risk getting a concussion. 🙂

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  • Death! My biggest fear in life is for laptop to die. And/or my IPad/phone. Because I don’t know how I would go replacing them. And I use them all simultaneously one-handed.I go off-grid on w’ends because I shouldn’t have to do “Adult” 24/7. But it’s the whole Insta thing where people don’t know how to “Person” without it. Cheers,H


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