Today’s Lunch – 18th December 2019

Published December 18, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

It feels like just yesterday was the 1st December and all of a sudden Christmas is next week. I’m not ready! I still haven’t done my Christmas cards yet, not kidding. If you are expecting one? It’s coming, it will just be late.

Last week I had a stressful week thinking my laptop had died, I was not happy. Took a serious effort to work out the not one but both power cords for my laptop had been compromised. One cord had bare wires, the culprit?









Stay tuned Friday for a brand-new post about my plans for Christmas, spoiler alert. I’m staying home with the above alone and stay tuned to appreciate why it’s the best option.

Meanwhile, really need a stress-free lunch today. So, here it is, Chicken and Tumeric salad and medicine.










And I got a present from Robert & his wife Nikki.


2 comments on “Today’s Lunch – 18th December 2019

  • I have spent many a Christmas/New Year on my own. Not my first choice, however sometimes the only or better choice given the circumstances at the time. I have found that setting an intention and preparing for how I want to experience it is important. Even if it is to isolate myself and ignore the world. No right or wrong or judgement, simply helping to ensure I do not spiral down because I thought about it beforehand.

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