Single Barren Spinster

Published February 3, 2020 by helentastic67

Single Barren Spinster

Australia has a comedienne called Kitty Flanagan. This is a great way to start this post. I’m going with it.


I read a brilliant article where she explains why she is reclaiming the title Single Barren Spinster. She explains in this article she planned to have children if the circumstances were right.

Partner/Husband/Significant other – Tick, tick, tick

Baby – Tick

As she got older, the clock started ticking and she states she didn’t want to do it alone. The above seemed important to her.


And I agree, I completely agree. In my teens, I thought by my late 20’s, I would have a husband, two children, my own interior decoration business, a retail outlet, holiday’s overseas, a house, etc.

Oh God! Teenagers are so naive, aren’t they? And now, alas I’m 46 years old (47 by the time this goes live, however) none of the above happened.

I quote Kitty Flanagan and being a Single Barren Spinster to any carer and they look at me for a moment. I tell them in the dictionary under ‘Single Barren Spinster’ is a picture of Kitty Flanagan.

Then there’s a picture of me.

2 comments on “Single Barren Spinster

  • Many times, someone who doesn’t have children has no understanding of what it’s like to have 2 hours sleep each day because both toddlers are sleeping at different times. When I was younger, advice from the 11th child who was tasked with keeping the last 10 alive so that her mother could cook, clean and sleep — I’ll listen to that. If someone has adopted a child, I would listen to their advice.

    If someone has never had a child or taken care of one long-term, it would be like someone giving rock climbers advice who’ve never been on a mountain. 🙂

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  • Hi JD, Ive been on a mountain, twice. The first time at 8, and the second time at 16. The latter, I was also a full time student & part time worker. I had no social life. Does this qualify me? I do get your point tho. Cheers,H


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