Emphasis On ‘A’

Published February 14, 2020 by helentastic67

Emphasis on ‘A’

Then, for the first time really ever, I dated. I dated a guy, the emphasis on ’A’ and like usual, some bitch had gotten to him first and he was more Roadkill than anything else.

We did the date thing for whatever and I had, had my diagnosis of my AVM and didn’t know what life and treatment would bring, but I had hopes I meant something to him, more than nothing.

After a third date that was more about us being ‘friends’ and watching films at my house (because my house had a heater and a cat!) etc.

*Sidebar; Imagine watching ‘Blue Dress’ with a new boyfriend, awkward!

So, I set about solving the boyfriend’s issues, trying to be a supportive girlfriend, hoping he would do the same with my treatment and recovery.

Let’s do a stocktake: –

  1. Alcoholic – fixed that. 🗸
  2. Separated, not divorced. 🗸
  3. Permanent Resident in Australia. 🗸
  4. Support him parenting his daughter. 🗸

This is starting to sound really bitter, which I’m not. In reality, he had his plans and I had mine and his did not include me.

It wasn’t until after we broke up and he was moving out to interstate for work that I learnt his mother did not even know I existed.

So, lesson learned.

If he had loved me, he would have still been here, with me and lord love that child, but not being a co-parent with the family make-up of that family, I dodged a bullet. Really!

I would have given it a red-hot go but I’m lucky I didn’t have too.



3 comments on “Emphasis On ‘A’

  • That was mean of him to use you like that Helen. Thank God you did dodge that bullet!

    I once let a lover stay for a week with me – in MY apartment. He paid nothing towards rent, electricity, heating, or food except bringing his own meat just for himself. He also ran up a debt with my phone calling his wife every night while I was working! I had a bad feeling with him from the beginning. So I told him to hand over his passport because we didn’t really know each other after 2 weeks. I used it for insurance in case he robbed me. He didn’t realise I had an itemised phone bill seeing all his expensive calls. And I was reluctant to let him in my space (no one else had lived there ever in the 3 years I was there – just me and my small dog, Sugar). But he told me as he was away from home working he needed somewhere desperately for a couple of nights.

    Well, I texted him right away when I discovered the phone bill, saying he had to collect his stuff including his special East German Thuringen meat. At once! I made a pile of his bag, clothes, toothpaste and unopened meat.

    He didn’t come at once.

    He turned up 4 days later and the meat was truly off by then (the fresh kind). He tried denying his wife and children and I said I’m not stupid I saw the phone calls. He tried to change my mind about him staying. I said get out now or I call the police.

    And off he tootled with the stale meat. I didn’t bother telling him that wasn’t fresh any more.

    Love ‘n’ Cheers xox


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