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Published October 26, 2020 by helentastic67

I’m not back, just yet.

After you read this post today you will want to return to this post that will leave yourself with a nice warm glow.

This post is 100% Noelle, who is the only reason you read my words. Introducing Noelle, she is the real Meme Queen behind Hellonwheels.

Any comments received I credit her. She is my administrator as well as my Transcriber, editor, my put up with my lovely in-house tech-support occasionally, changing passwords without telling her and all that. Last week I became aware she had another great talent she’s kept hidden and I asked her permission to share, enjoy!

A Word of Wisdom

To my Son ♥️

I’ve travelled paths you’ve yet to walk,

learned lessons old and new.

And now this wisdom of my life,

I’m blessed to share with you.

Learn to trust your feelings,

your beliefs you should uphold.

Don’t walk away from what is right, be courageous and bold.

Keep faith beside you always,

it will guide you every day.

Know that strength comes from above,

and you will find your way.

Let yourself be humble,

and remember to be kind.

When you have respect for others,

true friendship you will find.

Have dignity and honour,

and be proud of all you do.

Confidence will take you toward

a future that waits for you.

The world is filled with choices. —

there are challenges to .

But you can make a difference,

as you find your rightful place.

And so, I can not wait to see,

the wonders you will do.

Because you are my Son,

and I’m so very proud of you.

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