A Very Special Edition

Published October 28, 2020 by helentastic67

A Very Special Edition

Today is a very special edition of HellOnWheels bought to you by the letters C & not for the obvious reason. 

Today is the first day Melbourne is coming out of the harshest lock-down reported in the world! Today is the return of cafes being open and being able to dine in! During lockdown my Girl Wednesday/Friday and I have been doing Car Cafe sitting out the front of ….wait for it. Introducing https://www.cavallini.com.au/

Finally, I’m telling you all where I go to eat, get my caffeine fix, write and where even during lock-down I would walk in and be greeted with a “Hi Helen. How are you?” 

It’s even more special today, because anyone want to see Bruce Willis with actual HAIR? Your welcome!

Now, todays special offering. I previously just called this the salted caramel, chocolate, chocolate thingy thing! But it’s actually called a Maltalbarno. This week I would arrange several coffee dates here with friends so I can share a slice of this over coffee to help me celebrate and to share the calories. Calories share is calories halved right?

I wish I could say I’ve been laying low during CoVid lockdown however; you can leave the house for several reasons. Number 1, Medical appointments and I have had plenty, including a Brain-Scrape (yes, Covid test) I passed. So, I could go have my first Colonoscopy. 

Yeah, cos I’m “that” age and because my father had bowel cancer before 60. He survived! Not complaining. But it means 15 years before the age he was diagnosed I needed to start getting tested. Super, I was a bit overdue, but I’m good. I passed too. And I’m good for another 5 years! Just enough time to forget how disgusting the nasty prep drink is. No really. It’s hideous, I will do a post to share my great jokes I gave them before my procedure and the challenge I set myself after the procedure. 

I hope you are all staying safe & getting tested? For CoVid and well I guess bowel cancer too.

I will also add I’ve seen my father 3 times this year, I didn’t even see him at Christmas. It’s normally the only time I do get to see him. But I only got to see him because he had a heart attack. For Christ sake! He drove himself to hospital! (in the country) because, I’m told it’s a “Wog-Thing” Don’t worry, the nurse gave him a talking to and open-heart surgery and 3 months later he is finally “getting there” so despite the “Fit hitting the Shan” on 2020, we could be coming out of it.

Optimism, right? I’m trying it out. Leave me be!

To be continued………….



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