Hot off the Press

Published April 5, 2021 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press

Hellonwheels is back baby!

Is what I intended as the first post back after an extended break. But instead, it was right back into posting. Only once weekly but very happy to see my words be shared. So, others can read my words. Life is still busy.

I am always very grateful to my lovely administrator in Sydney that is responsible for hellonwheels being online. It was actually Noelle’s life that was extra chaotic last year in 2020 and while it’s not for me to say, I was rather insistent for her to take the break she needed. While her life is always busy, I have been privileged she has been able to return to once-weekly postings.

Interestingly, while no new posts have gone live, I’ve still gathered followers. If you have not received a Like to your blog (my way of saying hello) I will get to it. Thank you.

During lockdown from Covid in Melbourne (we had 2) my blog reading activities reduced somewhat. I’m convinced my Like button is broken. I’m just lacking the skills to solve this issue. My interested have been reduced to what I refer to as blog Porn.

Don’t judge me, you all know what I’m talking about! Puppies, travel blogs and cars, luxury cars, not realistic type cars. The totally never going to have type………cars.
Did I mention my wheels looks like this?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hellonwheels.jpg

Warm weather has been great for adventures on hellonwheels. The colder/wetter seasons really put a dampener on my adventures. As does the end of day lights savings. For adventures after 5pm! Last week I arrived home at 8.30pm from a local adventure. It was on dusk & it really alters my planned route home. Crossing side streets becomes a heart in throat ride home I know nobody has enough insurance for. I often cross a side street scootering home on the High Street and I am half way across, see a blur in my blind spot on my left and then a car right in front of me! FFS!!!!! They have obviously seen an open in oncoming traffic and taken it. I don’t think anyone has enough insurance to hit someone with a disability. Just saying………..

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is great-adventure.png

In brief, Covid made 2020 only a bit different for me. One of the reasons we could leave our homes during their lockdowns was medical appointments. Does anybody know how many of those I have? Too friggin many. So, I was still out four days a week, standard. I did miss out on a few catch-ups with friends for dinner and my once yearly comedy event out. Was thankfully, postponed. It was the one thing I didn’t bother following up. Since nobody knew what was going to happen, it was something I couldn’t stress over.

Melbourne is in its Melbourne international comedy festival season and now I’ve got two shows to see this year. They have ended up being two nights in a row. So, will be knackered. Stay tuned for a “Hot Off the Press” in mid-April when I report.

Recently, several of my carers have mentioned the feeling that Easter was “ages away!” A sentiment I’ve also been feeling and last week, we all realised it was this weekend, now past. So, happy Easter people! I spent mine doing the three things I like best. Eating, Sleeping and watching TV/films. Not always in that order. Yet to eat any chocolate.
I also pet sat some bunnies over Easter in another apartment in my complex. Meet Frank & Beans.

2021 seems to be going rather quickly, yet with the standard unfulfilling feeling that no matter what I do or say, people are not doing what they are meant to be doing, and I’m not achieving as much as I’d like. So is the way of advocacy & disability.

But onward we march!

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