Published April 12, 2021 by helentastic67


I saw a British comedian on a TV show walk on stage and announce he was a bender. WTF?

He was referring to being gay. My gaydar is not always working but it was pretty obvious with him.

I AM STRAIGHT, or homosexually challenged as I like to say. But if I use the word bender, I suggest I’ve survived with my disability by bending the rules.

I think within reason, all my life I’ve done it. Case in point, When I was going from Year 11 to Year 12 in High School, I wanted to have more free periods (space in my timetable so I could study more or whatever). My timetable had 6 classes in a day from 9am-4pm. Mostly, kids had 2 free periods a week and I was already planning to be a poor art student at college.

So, when I sat down with my co-ordinator to discuss my choices in classes/subjects for the following year. I wasn’t doing sciences or literature-type subject or legal or accounting. I mean, C’mon! Snore/ZZZZ, I sat with said year level co-ordinator and told him I didn’t much care I was one subject short. I wanted free periods. He told me I couldn’t.

Can you imagine telling 18-year-old Helen she couldn’t have what she wanted? Oh no, he didn’t! I knew a year 12 student who had done exactly that so I said “But Fran O’Neil did!!’ Fran can be found here Fran O’Neill He did not look pleased and that is how I had 9 free periods a week.

I was at school first in the morning. I spent my lunches and all my free periods in the art or graphics room. I bagged the black tape deck at the library so often when the library card was finished, I asked to keep it as a memento. I booked that tape deck out so much my name was consistently on it. 

Year 11 and 12 was also the days of my favourite teacher ever. I actually was given a different homeroom teacher in year 12 and I dared to be moved by my art teacher’s homeroom since I was doing more art subjects than anything else.

My teacher had already missed the first half of the year anyway but that wasn’t the point. I was insistent he would return. (He had had a medical situation and had been absent without any idea when he would return.) His first homeroom back, he stood at the front and apologized for being absent. Then got on with it.

My first parent/teacher night that year my mum and I would sit with said teacher and I was informed that at the first meeting in the teachers’ lounge the co-ordinator announced ‘Fuck that, Helen Caligiuri! You all need to watch out for her!” Isn’t that lovely?

This is why the homeroom teacher was so cool. I will tell you how cool he was in just a moment.

But, first, that is an example of how I bend the rules. Bend not break and if you happen to stop them because you bent them a little too far. Ask permission first so you can say such and such said I could,

I know, it’s childish but so is high school.

Thank you Ferris

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