Published March 7, 2022 by helentastic67


You know those weirdos who notice cool vintage cars and send photos to a friend to confirm your suspicions about what make it is? That weirdo’s me.

Saw this car on Thursday when I was out with a carer, she got this photo for me and I promptly sent it to a friend. He confirmed with one word.

So, yeah. It’s a Fiat.

I can often commentate living on a busy intersection of the cars or trucks by the sound of the engines. It good like this,” WRX, Cheap import, Vintage Muscle car! Woolies delivery truck!” I’m sure I need to live on a less busy corner, but here we are.

I also follow some blogs I refer to as purely porn. No sexual gratification. One blog is dogs, one is cars. There are mostly unattainable cars to envy with one’s eyes and several car brand/companies I don’t even hit with a ‘Like’. The ones Jeremy Clarkson is scripted in a beige cardigan to state said drivers are boring and wear beige cardigans. Enough said.

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