Follow Up – Older People’s Conversation

Published August 22, 2022 by helentastic67

Follow up – Older Peoples Conversations

I mentioned to a friend these were the conversations I’d been having plenty of. Rather than asking me what these “old and nonsense” conversations were about exactly, he told me I would have them one day.

So, I’ll allow you to pick from this next excerpt which three things qualify this as nonsense old people conversations.

Which I loved by the way because it gave me the perfect opportunity to tease him. Purely a statement.

“I made some brown rice the other day! It’s been about twenty years since I last made brown rice. It took ages! I’m never doing that again!”

Oh My God! Can you just feel that nonsense? It’s my jam. I have recently been making it more than I have in the last twenty years, I think because, while slow to the party, I discovered the rice cooker.

You know I insisted he get one but he’s still got it in the box and I now understand the old people thing about why they keep them in the box even after using it’s so they don’t forget all the bits and pieces that go with each gadget.

Is this what your “Old Person” does too?


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